Walter Koenig Net Worth; Meet His Wife Judy Levitt and Their Children

Known mostly as Ensign Pavel Chekov from the Star Trek universe, Walter Koenig is the first generation Pavel Chekov for Star Trek fans all over the world. Walter is also a writer and director besides being an actor. He has written several books and has garnered quite a bit of net worth along with the fame. Koenig’s family emigrated from Lithuania to Manhattan when Walter was still a child.

To know more about the man who played the iconic Pavel Chekov, stay with us.

Who is Walter Koenig?

Walter Koenig’s birth name is Walter Marvin Koenig, but he doesn’t use his middle name for his professional name. He was born on September 14, 1936, and is currently 83 years of age. Marvin was born while his parents were in Lithuania but emigrated to the USA from the soviet union. His father Isadore Koenig was a communist, and having migrated from the Soviet Union, was under the radar of the FBI. Walter’s mother’s name is Sarah Koenig.

Their last name Koenig was derived from Konigsberg, which they shortened after moving from  Lithuania to Manhattan. Manhattan is where Walter grew up and got his education. While it is unknown where he attended from his high school, Walter joined Ginnel College in Grinnell, Iowa, with a pre-med major. But he didn’ graduate from Grinnell College; instead, he transferred to UCLA, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology.

After graduating from UCLA, Walter attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City. Walter’s professor from UCLA encouraged him to pursue acting as a career, which ended up being the best advice in his life. Walter started his career after graduating from acting school. His first work was in 1962 as a non-speaking Sentry in the TV series Combat!. After this, his career slowly took off getting into better roles with time until Star Trek, which basically defined his career.

Walter Koenig Career

Walter’s career started when he was 26, but his career-defining role as Pavlov Chekov only came in the second season Star Trek. Prior to Star Trek, Walter had the role of Sgt. John Delwyn in the TV series Lieutenant, where he was a recurring cast. Koenig’s role as Pavlov in Star Trek was also supposed to be a recurring one, but it was later changed to be a regular cast for his outstanding performance.

Image of Walter Koenig from the TV show, Star Trek

Walter Koenig from the TV show, Star Trek

After working on the Star Trek series and movies, Walter started working as a writer. He started submitting multiple freelance scripts to various shows and eventually became the leading writer for the show What Really Happened to The Class of ’65? Besides writing scripts, he has also voice acted for the character Pavlov Chekov in Star Trek video games. But he was not present in the Star Trek animated series.

Walter has also authored books, including his autobiography Warped Factors: A Neurotics Guide to the Universe. Some of the books Walter has written are  Walter Koenig’s Things to Come, -#2, -#3, and  Chekov’s Enterprise: A Personal Journal of the Making of Star Trek (1980) also a comic book called Walter Koenig’s Raver: Koenig, Walter (2016).

Walter Koenig Married with his Wife & Kids

Anything about Walter’s dating life is pretty much public knowledge, or is it a complete secret. While Walter Maring Koenig has been married to Judy Levitt since 1965, there has been mention of another name here and there. Anjanette Comer is the ‘another name’ which has been spoken in association with Walter Koenig, but nothing has been set in stone. This doesn’t seem to bother Judy as the couple is still staying strong after 54 years of marriage.

Image of Walter Koenig with his wife Judy Levitt and with daughter Danielle Koenig

Walter Koenig with his wife Judy Levitt and with daughter Danielle Koenig

It is unknown how long Judy and Walter were dating before getting married. But since the marriage, they have been happy together ever since. The couple had two kids together, but their eldest, Andrew Koenig, died in 2010 by committing suicide. Andrew was born in 1968, three years after Judy and Walter got married. Andrew was an actor, director, and writer who was relatively successful in the field.

The couple’s second child is Danielle Koenig, a comedian and writer who was born in 1970. She is married to the standup comedian Jimmy Prado.

Walter Koenig Net Worth and Salary

Koenig, with his multiple talents as actor, writer, and director, should have amassed quite a net worth, let us see what his net worth is.

According to The Richest and Celebrity Net Worth, Walter Koenig has a net worth of $8 million. But there has been some other magazine which claiming Walter’s net worth higher than that claimed by The Richest. It hasn’t been revealed how much Walter earned during his days as an active actor and writer. But, his yearly income might have been in the range of $50,000, which is pretty decent for the time. Hell, it’s a good amount to earn even today.

Walter Koenig Wiki, Bio and News

Currently, 83 years old, Walter Marvin Koenig emigrated from Lithuania to Manhattan with his parents in his childhood. He grew up in Manhattan, where he got his primary and secondary education. He left Manhattan for higher education but went back to New York to attended an acting school eventually.

Koenig’s career started with an uncredited role, but his career grew exponentially after taking on the role of Pavlov Chekov in Star Trek. After his time in Star Trek, he began his career as a writer. Walter got married as his career was getting stabilized and had his first kid three years into the marriage and second one five years into the marriage.

Koenig has been married for nearly 54 years now and has had no problems in his married life so far. His son committed suicide in the year 2010, and his daughter is married to the standup comedian Jimmy Pardo.

Walter is currently living in North Hollywood, California, with his wife.

Fast Facts about Walter Koenig

  • He is conscious of the humanitarian causes and actively takes part in them.
  • Walter is also famous for his role in Babylon 5 as Alfred Bester.
  • Koeing has authored several books.
  • He has a collection dedicated to his character, Pavlov Chekov, in Star Trek, which has memorabilia and such.
  • Walter has also authored a comic book with the name Raver.
  • Koeing lost his son, Andrew Koeing, in the year 2010.
  • His daughter Danielle Koeing is a comedian and writer and is married to stand-up comedian Jimmy Pardo.
  • Koenig married his wife Judy Levitt in 1965, and have been together ever since. Over 54 years, over two silver jubilees and over half a century.

Walter Koeing Net Worth, Married, Wife, Kids, Wiki

Name Walter Koeing
Date of Birth September 14, 1936
Parents Isadore Koenig (Father)
Sarah Koenig (Mother)
Occupation Actor, writer, director
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Judy Levitt (m.1965)
Children Two (Both with Judy Levitt)
Andrew Koenig (son) (b.1968-d.2010)
Danielle Koenig (Daughter) (b.1970)
Net Worth $8 million
Height 1.68m (5ft 6inches)
Zodiac sign Virgo

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