Is Rick Lagina Married? Know His Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Death

How conversant are you with the Lagina brothers? Is it too much? Then, the name Rick Lagina should not come as a surprise to you. The question now that you know his name is how well you can describe the guy from a personal level. I mean can you comfortably avail details about Rick Lagina’s wife and children. His age, current engagement, his career or even Rick Lagina’s net worth?

If the response is no, don’t worry as this article has got your back on all the listed details below and even more that are not listed in the list above.


An American belonging to the white ethnicity, Rick Lagina is a popular television personality. He is the son of Ann and George Jacob Lagina, and the brother of two siblings including the famous Marty Lagina. Though his weight remains hidden, this light browned haired man enjoys a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

As of 2018, his age is 64 as he was born on the 25th of January 1952. Kingsford in Dickinson County of Michigan in the United States of America is his exact place of birth. As for his studies, the man graduated from a local school in America.


The Oak Island is believed to have many hidden treasures, and it is this knowledge that made Rick interested in his current career. At the age of only 12, the star read about the mystery of the Oak Island, and once his brother sold his company and concentrated in the mystery of the island, Rick did not mind joining him.

Although he began his exploration of the island long ago, it was in 2014 when the television series debuted that Rick Lagina’s career took a positive angle.

Image of Producer, Rick Lagina

Producer, Rick Lagina

What he does in the show alongside his brother is looking for valuable treasures and historical artifacts and revealing the secrets to the public. As a result of his TV personality career, the star has gotten the chance to appear in some other television shows including the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Also Rick Lagina’s net worth and fan base have increased due to his career. Important to pin down is that the gentleman worked as a postal man.

Is Rick Lagina Married? Meet his Wife, Children

The star has been on a low key with the issues about his marriage life. As a result, the identity of Rick Lagina’s wife remains unknown. The case is also the same for his children. Hopefully, he is married and we shall sooner rather than later keep you on the know about Rick Lagina’s wife and children.

But as it stands, no one has claimed to be the stars wife or even a former lover of the star. According to the all-star bio, the gentleman is also not heterosexual.

Rick Lagina Net Worth

It has been nearly four years since the show began and based on Rick Lagina’s net worth there is no denying that the reality TV show is serving him right. According to the latest reports, accumulates a net worth of $2 million. His salary like many aspects in his life is left undisclosed. However, it is apparent that most of Rick Lagina’s net worth and earnings emanate from The Curse of Oak Island television series.

Image of TV Personality, Rick Lagina net worth is $2 million

The Curse of Oak Island cast, Rick Lagina net worth is $2 million

Rick Lagina Dead or Alive? What is He Doing Now?

There have been rumors about the star’s death. This rumor is nothing but a hoax as the celebrity is alive and kicking. However, in 1965, the star along with his siblings almost met their maker. During this particular year, a poisonous gas had been reported to be around the island. Fortunately, the brothers with their crew were rescued on time, and none of them is dead.

Currently, the gentleman is still part and puzzle of the casts in the reality show. Therefore, you can consider catching up with him of that reality series.

Quick Facts about Rick Lagina

Name Rick Lagina
Age 64
Birthdate January 25, 1952
Birthplace Kingsford, Dickinson County, Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV personality
Net Worth $2 million
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Weight Not Known
Height 5 feet 9 inches

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