How much is black American Rapper Rich Homie Net Worth? Also, his Personal Life:

Rich Homie is a black American rapper residing in Atlanta Georgia. He has a musical and baseball talent. Before joining the rap industry, Rich Homie played baseball and even aimed at focusing on baseball as his future career. However after his baseball career not coming through for him he shifted to Music which was his passion as well. Rich Homie began working tirelessly on hit after hit in the studio.

    Rich HomieHip Hop Pose by Rich Homie with tattoo

Rich Homie Net Worth:

Rich Homie net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million which is solely collected from his musical career. This is inclusive of the sale of his mix tapes, musical tours and commercials he is featured in.

    One of the best rapper Rich Hommie standing with his branded white car.Rapper Rich Homie with his Branded Car.

In 2008 he released his hit single “stay down” featuring the Stack money boys. The single was a hit in the entire Atlanta region promising Rich of a bright future in the musical industry. His musical career was paused when he was accused of Burglary in 2009 and convicted for 15 months. During his release in 2011, Rich decided to reform his life and began to focus entirely on his music. He worked tirelessly in the studio and even captured the attention of his would-be mentor “Tezzy”.

Tezzy was motivated by Rich’s hard work, he decides to sign him up to his L.O.R (loyalties over royalties) label. While at the studio that he met with Mafio, the two formed the rap group “no sleep gang.”

Rich Homie Comeback After ‘The Death of CEO Tezzy’

The group gained quick popularity and acquired more fans who anticipated the release of their first project “many seasons”. This vision was however not met as two weeks before its release, Tezzy Rich’s mentor passed away. It was a difficult moment he  however, managed to rise and joined the TIG (think it’s a game) label.

    Rich Homie QuanRich Homie Quan performing on Stage

He then released the mixtape “Still goin in (reloaded). The single “type of the way” was a smash and even got to #50 in the billboard Hot 100 countdown. This was a rolling stone to his career, the mixtape was listed the 10th best mixtape of the year.With the efforts Rich is exhibiting in his musical career and the rapidly growing fan base his music is attracting. It’s clear to say that Rich Homie net worth and career is set for great achievements.

Rich Homie Wife and also Short Bio:

Rich Homie the Atlanta-based rapper was born on October 4th, 1989 as Dequantes Lamar. He is the eldest son to his parents and 2 younger siblings. At a young age, Rich’s parents separated making him live separately with each one of them. He was a great baseball player and played for his Varsity junior club in High school. However his expected career in baseball was cut short and he ventured into music which was his passion.

    Rich Homie and Amber RellaRich Homie with Amber Rella During Pregnancy

Rich Homie is not married, but has two sons, Royal Lamar and Khosen Lamar. Royal Lamar’s mother, Amber Rella is an Ex-girlfriend to Rich Homie. The two date for a while before separating. Rich Homie is a great dad to both his sons and caters for his sibling and family wellbeing.

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