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Jeff Tietjens is a successful American attorney. He is better known for dating and marrying the beautiful actress Aisha Tyler. They met at Dartmouth College and moved to Oakland after graduation. Until their separation, they were living in Los Angeles, California. We are not aware of any other affairs before Jeff met Aisha. His current marital status is single.

Tietjens attended Loyola Law School located in Los Angeles, California. He was admitted to State Bar of California in 2000. However, his license has been inactive voluntarily since 2010.

Jeff Tietjens Wife, net worth, divorce

Tietjens married his college sweetheart in the year 1992. His wife, Aisha Tyler is a well-known American actress, author, and stand-up comedian.  She was born on September 18, 1970, in San Francisco, California. Aisha attended McAteer High School. At this time, she had already shown interest in comedy. She, therefore, had a special program ‘McAteer School of the Arts’.  Aisha has a degree in political science and a minor in environmental policy from Dartmouth college. Aisha is also the founder of Dartmouth Rockapellas. She was also part of a Capella group whose main aim was to spread social awareness through their music.

We currently don’t have any information concerning Jeff’s net worth or income earnings. However, his wife Aisha has an estimated net worth of $ 8,000,000.Her annual earnings are more than 1 million dollars.

Aisha was married to her long time sweetheart for more than 20 years before their divorce in 2016.She was the most affected by the divorce. She cried over him on live Tv and even stated that she will always love him. Tietjens is the one who filed for the divorce. However, in the divorce filing, he did not request for spousal support but said he would do so later on.

Jeff Tietjens And Aisha Tyler Divorce

Caption: Jeff Tietjens and his Ex-Wife Aaisha tyler.

Why did Jeff divorce his wife of more than 23 years?

We cannot say for sure why this celebrity couple decided to call it quits but we can think of a few reasons. First, Tyler has openly spoken about her infertility problem. She revealed their infertility struggles on ‘Secrets Week’  a talk show in which CBS hosts reveal their personal issues. This was back in 2013. They were trying to have a baby for two years but decided not to try anymore after failing more than a few times.

Secondly, I stated earlier that Jeff is the one who filed for the divorce. His reason was ‘irreconcilable differences’.



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