23 years old Canadian body builder Regan Grimes & his transformation. His Instagram, Girlfriend.

We all have our own kinds of passion that we strive to best and perfect. But there is perhaps no passion that claims as much determination as body building and fitness. Let us meet Canadian Bodybuilder Regan Grimes who is the upcoming future star in the fitness world. He has been working hard to attain a great body alongside his girlfriend. Learn all about his body building career and girlfriend.

Regan Grimes Instagram and Girlfriend:

Since Regan Grimes isn’t really much of a media figure, there was really not much to go on about him. He doesn’t even have an official website but since this is the age of social media we got to learn a lot about him from his Instagram account.

Being a bodybuilder it was expected of Regan to post mostly the pictures of his bulky body or working out hard in the gym. However every now and then he posts a picture with girlfriend Victoria D’Arino. On one of the pictures he even mentions Victoria as his ‘wifey’. So it is safe to consider that he has already married his long-time girlfriend Victoria D’Arino in a private wedding.

It should not come much of a surprise since the couple has been through it all. They even got into fitness together, they have a lot of pictures and videos of working out on Youtube as well as Instagram working out together to get the great built bodies that they have. Regan and Victoria are definitely couple goals for all the fitness fanatics out there.

Other than that Regan has already said in an interview with ‘RXmuscle’ that besides working out he really likes to eat. Being a bodybuilder, Regan has to majorly focus on a diet but he manages to eat some really delicious food while still in his dietary plans. Also, he has every cheat meals now and then according to his Instagram account where he forgets his diet for a while and enjoys whatever he wants.

Cool picture of Victoria D'Arino and her boyfriend Regan Grimes

Caption: Bodybuilder Regan Grimes with his girlfriend Victoria D’Arino

His Fitness Achievements:

Regan Grimes may just be a 23-year-old bodybuilder in saying but he has achieved very prestigious titles in practice. At just a young age of 22 in this type of profession, he has been awarded the title of Arnold Brazil. He also has already become an IFBB professional bodybuilder, a label that all bodybuilders desire to receive for an international standard.

He is gradually becoming a household name with many online Medias praising him for being the big thing in fitness. If he keeps this up than Regan Grimes will soon join his name with the elites like Jay Cutler, Shawn Ray, and Phil Heath.

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