Alicia Garza Bio, Black Lives Matter, husband, spouse, cullors & Opal Tometti

The country of America has come a long way since the civil rights movement but it still lacks to give adequate equality to its African-American communities along with their lack of provision to social, economic and racial justice. It is due to this that there are countless activists like Alicia Garza has pledged their efforts for the good of the black community. Who is she in her personal life?

Alicia Garza Black Lives Matter:

#blacklivesmatter is something that all of us may have across in social media every now and then. Meet the creator of this online movement, Alicia Garza. Alicia Garza is one of the creators and co-founder of the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’. She found the movement alongside fellow activists Opal Tometti and PatrisseCullors in July 2013. The movement was heavily influenced by the controversial shooting of a black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman that reignited the flames of violence and brutality on the people of Black origin.
Alicia Garza who is also the Special Projects director for National Domestic Workers Alliance in the Oakland office was the first to initiate the movement online posting the message “Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter, Black Lives Matter” on her Facebook page.Cullors later supported her sharing her post and tagging it with a ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ tag.

Alicia Garaza Husband?

We could go on and on about Alicia’s great works as a social activist but you can read about it in any other places. So let us tell you something about her private personal life instead. Since Alicia is just a simple social activist’s nothing except her social and professional actions become a matter of media.
After scouring the internet we hardly found any important information about her family and love life. There were no speculations of her dating or having a boyfriend.

Beautiful picture of Alicia Garza and her husband

Caption: Alicia Garza with her husband

However, she has mentioned “her husband” in a lot of her posts on the Twitter. After a lot more digging we constantly found her with a single partner in her Instagram posts. These posts always held captions like “bae” so we have some reason to believe that this indeed is her husband.
However, there are no cited sources claiming that she has a spouse or husband and details like the date she got married are still under review as well.

Short Bio:

Alicia Garza was born on January 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Aside from speaking on the matters of equality and justice for African-Americans, she is also inclined towards health issues, Student rights, police brutality and violence against transgender and other non-conformist communities. She currently resides and works in Oakland, California, USA.

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