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Today we are discussing an extraordinary social media personality. He has an incredible sense of humour and almost a child-like appearance. Well, he is none other than the social media sensation Pio La Ditingancia, a renowned You Tube personality and Instagrammer.

To get to know more about the internet sensation, Pio La Ditingancia; Scroll down the article and read his bio, which includes his wiki, disease, net worth, parents, health, and many aspects of his remarkable life and career.

Who is Pio La Ditingancia ‘Abreu Sosa’? Wiki, Bio

Pio La Ditingicia or famously known as Abreu Sosa, was born on 5 October 1993 in the Dominion Republic. As per his wiki, he is of Dominion Republic nationality having an Afro American ethnic background. However, there is no information about his parents, siblings, and educational experience as Pio seems to have the details under wraps.

Furthermore, he is known for his child-like appearance and has several million followers on his Instagram account. His videos see him flexing money, using chains and making his presence felt around girls. As a result, Pio became a viral sensation after posting such videos.

Image of Social Media Personality, Pio La Ditingancia Wiki Bio

Social Media Personality, Pio La Ditingancia

Pio La Ditingancia Net Worth and Career

Pio La Ditingancia has earned a tremendous net worth and salary from social media platforms such as Facebook and You Tube. His estimated net worth is at $2 million whereas he has an annual salary of $700K.

Image of Social Media Personality, Pio La Ditingancia net worth is $2 million

Social Media Personality, Pio La Ditingancia net worth is $2 million

From his Instagram post, Pio earns in the range of $5,889.75 to $9,816.25 as according to likes he receives from his pictures posted on Instagram. He has accumulated wealth, which will further increase in the future thanks to his rising popularity. So, Pio is enjoying a lively and lavish style with no signs of financial difficulty.

 Moreover, As of now, he is serving as the host at the BET network’s Excess season 2. According to the reports, the average salary of employees to be $80 K. Hence, we assume that he is earning his pay in such a range.

Pio La Ditingancia Parents; Father, Mother

As mentioned above, there is no information about Pio La Ditingancia parents, father and mother names and their background details. He has provided anything about his parents. Except at one time when Pio posted a picture, in February 2017 with his mother referring to her as Mami Chula. But unfortunately, the star Instagrammer has also has seen nothing about his father in his social media accounts.

Image of Pio La Ditingancia with his mother Mamichula

Pio La Ditingancia with his mother, Mami Chula

Pio La Ditingancia Disease

His child-like appearance has been the source of concerned for many of his fans and media alike. Everyone wants to know what caused Pio to look like a child. Going deeper into the condition, it was released that Pio La Ditingancia is suffering from a disease known as Growth Hormone Deficiency.

In such a situation, a person could not produce enough growth hormones on his body to enable him to have a proper height. Moreover, it is also said that he is suffering from Dwarfism. However, in spite of such physical obstacles, Pio La Ditingancia has maintained an optimist view on life. His optimism can be clearly seen in his Instagram and You Tube channel.

Pio La Ditingancia Health Update; How is He Doing Now?

Talking about his current health status, the talented Pio La Ditingancia is not suffering from any ailments and disease. He seems to be all right and fit. Currently 26 years old, Pio La Ditingancia is enjoying a happy, harmonious, and healthy life with no sign of illness.

Fun Facts

  • His Zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Pio La Ditingancia has over 3 million followers on his Instagram.
Image of Social Media Personality, Pio La Ditingancia height is 4 feet 8 inches

Social Media Personality, Pio La Ditingancia height is 4 feet 8 inches

  • He stands at the height of 4 feet 8 inches tall.
  • Also known as Abreu Sosa Pio is single and unmarried.
Image of Pio La Ditingancia is currently single now

Pio La Ditingancia is currently single now

  • The Instagram sensation is already a millionaire thanks to his success from his You Tube channel and Instagram posts.

Pio La Ditingancia Net Worth, Disease, Wiki, Bio

Full Name Pio La Ditingancia
Age  25
Birthdate October 5, 1993
Birthplace Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nationality Dominican
Ethnicity Afro American
Profession  Social Media Personality
Spouse N/A
Net worth  $2 million
Height 4 feet 8 inches
Weight N/A
Martial status Single
Children N/A
Zodiac Libra
Social Media Instagram, You Tube

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