Is Philip Winchester Leaving Law & Order: SVU?

“Family” is such an essential thing for so many of us. We sacrifice so much for it, and even A-list celebrities have been known to put off their successful careers for it. Could this be the cause for actor Philip Winchester as well?

Find out if his wife and children had to do something with Philip Winchester’s leave from ‘Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit.’ Know his married life in detail and also find his net worth in the rest of his wiki-bio.

Philip Winchester Career

Philip Winchester has come to be a recognizable actor after an impressive career in both films and TV series. More so TV series than movies but still his roles in movies like ‘Thunderbirds,’ ‘Flyboys,’ and ‘In My Sleep’ cannot be undermined.

He even made his debut with a film called ‘The Patriot’ in 1998 starring Steven Seagal. Not to be confused with Mel Gibson’s ‘The Patriot, ‘ which was released in 2000 based on the civil war which Philip also was a part of.

Image of Philip Winchester with co-star Sullivan Stapleton on the sets of 'Strike Back.'

Philip Winchester with co-star Sullivan Stapleton on the sets of ‘Strike Back.’

However, Winchester has been part of one big TV show after the other. He began with shows like ‘Crusoe,’ ‘Maneater,’ ‘Alice,’ and ‘Fringe.’ One of his most famous roles came as Sergeant Michael Stonebridge in ‘Strike Back.’

Still, his significant fan-base also roots from his iconic role as Peter Stone, Assistant District Attorney (ADA) of Law and Order: SVU. He was introduced in season 19 and instantly fit in with the SVU fans, but he is leaving the series after just one season.

Philip Winchester Leaving Law and Order: SVU

Philip Winchester announced in March 2019 on his Twitter handle that he would be leaving the show after the 20th season. He did not state the reason for leaving the show, but fans were not very happy, especially because SVU will be crossing a historical milestone its next season.

The 21st season will make it the longest prime-time live-action series surpassing its OG series ‘Law and Order’ as well as ‘Gunsmoke,’ both of which concluded with 20 seasons.

Image of Philip Winchester's announcement of leaving Law and Order: SVU

Philip Winchester’s announcement of leaving Law and Order: SVU

So what could be the reason for Philip Winchester leaving the show?

Philip Winchester Recently Became Father of Two

Yes, Philip Winchester only recently became the father of two after welcoming his second daughter earlier this year in February. He posted this photo of his newborn child resting on her mother’s chest while his older daughter, Charlie, also laid next to them, suckling on a lollipop like her mother.

“Momma bear. Sister bear. And a little bear,” he accurately captioned the pic with a #thenextadventre.

Image of Philip Winchester and wife Meghan welcome their second daughter.

Philip Winchester and wife Meghan welcome their second daughter.

It is quite possible that a big family event like that could have caused Philip to leave SVU, but we highly doubt it as he is still active in other projects. Even if it was, we can’t hold it against him now, can we?

His little child is so cute, and so is his older daughter Charlie who is four years old. She was born in February as well, February 4, 2015, to be exact. Philip can’t stop doting over both his children, even in social media.

Image of Philip Winchester kids

Philip Winchester kids

Philip Winchester Wife and Married Life

If we are talking about Philip’s married life, we can’t leave out on his beautiful wife, of course. Her name is Megan Coughlin, and she was meant to be the wife of Philip. They have a beautiful family together and beautiful married life.

Image of Philip Winchester with his wife Megan Coughlin

Philip Winchester with his wife, Megan Coughlin

They got married in 2008, which means 11 years as husband and wife. Not to mention, they were high school sweethearts, so they probably were in love for a lot longer than that. They met in Philip’s hometown in Belgrade, Montana.

Philip Winchester Net Worth

Philip Winchester’s career has already been very well discussed earlier in this article. You should have a good idea about the actor’s net worth by now to be in millions. You are correct if you estimate it that much, but the exact net worth of the actor is still under-review. However, our experts say that Philip Winchester’s net worth can be as large as $5 million.

His salary is also still under review, but with the list of projects he has been in, we can’t imagine it being any less impressive than his net worth. ¬†We still left out some other essential TV projects like ’24: Live Another Day’ and ‘The Player.’

Philip Winchester Fast 5 Facts

  1. Philip Winchester was born in Belgrade, Montana, USA on March 24, 1981, .
  2. He also continued to play the character of Peter Stone from SVU in the connected sister shows ‘Chicago PD,’ ‘Chicago Justice,’ and ‘Chicago Meds.’
  3. Philip was a pupil for three years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
  4. He got the role of his debut movie, ‘The Patriot’ when he was just 14 years old.
  5. He lost the role for what would’ve been his TV debut in 2004 in Commando Nanny after a foot injury

Philip Winchester Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Married

Full Name Philip C. Winchester
Age 38 years old
Birthdate March 24, 1981
Birthplace Belgrade, Montanna, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Actor,
Wife Megan Coughlin
Net Worth 5 million dollars
Height 6 feet 1 inch/185 cm
Weight 84 kg (approx.)
Martial Status married
Children Two
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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