Christie Brinkley Children; Meet her Son and Daughters

Celebrity children always have so much pressure as they are destined to their parents’ legacy. Many are not able to withstand the stress, but others overcome and thrive in it. Today we will be talking about not just one but all three children of Christie Brinkley.

What are Christine Brinkley’s children doing now? Are her daughters following their parents’ footsteps? Who is her son? Learn all the details and more here about the children of the former supermodel.

Alexa Ray Joel

Early Life and Parents

Alexa Ray Joel is Christine Brinkley’s famous daughter with musician Billy Joel who was born on December 29, 1985, in Manhattan, New York, USA.  Brinkley and Joel met coincidently met in a Caribbean island in 1983. They got married shortly after in 1985, the same year Alexa was born.

Of course, the couple ended their marriage in August 1994 allegedly due to Joel’s busy schedule as a touring artist hindering their relationship. It is really a shame for not even a month before their divorce; Joel had to cancel his concert to aid to his ex-wife’s side after she was injured from a heli-skiing accident.

Image of American singer, Alexa Ray Joel

American singer, Alexa Ray Joel

Even after the divorce, Joel and Brinkley are good friends and co-parents to their daughter. Alexa Ray Joel career-wise became more inclined to her father’s profession as a musician.

Career in Music and Fashion

Alexa started by self-producing EP and sketches in her 20s and not soon after was already performing at events like New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival, and 2007 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

She even got to perform alongside her father in the Rainforest Foundation Fund Benefit Concert of 2008 as well as at one of Barack Obama’s election fundraiser. She has also performed and showed endorsement for many humanitarian and social work projects.

She appeared in The Wendy Williams Show in 2009 for her debut single ‘Invisible.’ Likewise, her 2010 single ‘Notice Me’ also received a lot of praises with Newsday calling her a Regina Spektor-Katy Perry crossover.

However, she has shown her fans that she is Christie Brinkley’s daughter interviewing fashion designers and other celebrities for the New York Fashion Week for She and her mother also together posed for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also performed at numerous fashion shows and events.

Alexa Ray Joel Personal Life; Drugs Overdose, Depression, Dating Life

Joel has faced many struggles in her personal life, including her 5th December 2009 overdose. Don’t worry, though, as it wasn’t technically an overdose as Traumeel, the drugs she ingested wasn’t capable of an overdose.

Alexa Ray later spoke about it, revealing all about her struggle with depression; a 4-year-long relationship came to an end. She made it clear that she was not trying to kill herself but just wanted to stop feeling pain. She spoke about it a year later, too further adding problems of her life like being overshadowed by her supermodel and rockstar parents.

The 33-year-old has undergone a nose job in 2010, which she is very open about. Not hiding a bit of a taboo concept in Hollywood about the plastic surgery, she has said that she did it because she was very self-conscious about her looks. It was a decision which was five years in the making and a lifetime of self-consciousness.

She has multiple condo-hotel residence sites, including the Oak Room in Plaza Hotel and Café Carlyle at the Carlyle Hotel. She started dating Ryan Gleason since 2013, and they got engaged on January 1, 2018.

Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman

Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman was born on June 2, 1995, in New York, USA. His father, Richard Taubman, is a real estate developer. He and Christine Brinkley got married on December 2, 1994, the same year she divorced second husband, Billy Joel. In fact, Taubman proposed to her in May 1994 while she was still married to Joel, but she still said yes.

Image of Christie Brinkley son Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman

Christie Brinkley son Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman

The long name of Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman was given to him by his mother after three weeks of his birth. He, however, also likes to go by the name Jack Brinkley Cook after his step-father Peter Halsey Cook. It must have probably happened because Christine’s marriage to Taubman barely lasted a year, ending in 1995. So Peter must have been a father for Jack longer than Richard.

There is not much known about the 24-year-old, but following his social media, we certainly do see that he gets his mother’s good looks. He is a surfer and also likes traveling but spends enough time with his family too. He is seen sharing a lot of pictures with his step-sisters and mother.

Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook

Born on July 2, 1998, Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook is Christine’s youngest daughter with her third and last husband till now, Peter Cook. The two had been married 21 September 1996 after meeting way back in 1971. Christine lucked out at the shot for married life for the third time as well as the couple decided to split in 2006. It was a bit of a messy divorce, which concluded only in 2008.

Image of Model, Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook

Model, Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook

Both parties agreed to a set of terms in the end for their divorce settlement. As per the conditions, she got sole custody of Sailor and Jack as well as their property in the Hamptons. On the other hand, she had to pay Cook a whopping $2.1 million.

Anyway, let us get back to Sailor Brinkley Cook. She, unlike her siblings, has decided to trace her mother’s footsteps. She began modeling from when she was just 15 years old after being signed by the agency, IMG Models.

Since then, she has been working tirelessly to root her foothold in the modeling agency. By the look of things, her career is shaping up to be very similar to that of her mother’s. She has already been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 2018 and is currently the face of their Candies’ fall 2018 fashion campaign.

Her mother is herself a former legend in the magazine having appeared in 3 consecutive years (1979, 80, and 81) for the first time in its history. We hope that Sailor surpasses her mother’s success after all the 21-year-old has already bought herself a lavish new apartment last year. We hope that all of Christine’s children keep making her proud.

Christine Brinkley’s Children:

Alexa Ray Joel Jack Paris Brinkley Taubman Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook
Father Billy Joel
Age 34 years old
Birthdate December 29, 1985
Profession Musician
Father Rick Taubman
Age 24 years old
Birthdate June 2, 1995
Profession Surfer
Father Peter Cook
Age 21 years old
Birthdate July 2, 1998
Profession Model

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