Is PewDiePie married or still dating his girlfriend? How about the rumor of him being gay?

Felix Kjellberg, known widely as PewDiePie, is YouTube’s most popular personality. The Swedish comedian created his YouTube channel in 2010. Felix dropped out of college in 2011. He said he did it because that certain field was boring. Initially, he tried to work for an advertising company in Scandinavia, but he was denied apprenticeship. He then decided to focus on making videos for his YouTube channel.

As his parents did not fund him, he had to work at a hot dog stand. Additionally, he created art in Photoshop, which he printed and sold. Everything he earned went into developing his YouTube channel. He first started by making ‘Let’s Play’ videos, which consist of gameplay footage, accompanied by the YouTuber’s loud commentary. He now has more than 54 million subscribers. Let’s see if the star is married or dating anyone. We’ll also talk about the rumor about him being gay.

Is Pewds engaged and about to get married to his girlfriend?

So far, Felix has kept his dating history and ex-girlfriends away from the public eyes. He has been dating Marzia Bisognin for a few years now. Obviously, the couple’s fans want to know when they are going to get married, or at least engaged. Felix and his girlfriend met in 2011 after the Italian girl watched some of his videos. She messaged the guy, telling him that she liked his content, and they started chatting. They started dating in August 2011, when Pewdiepie went to visit her in Italy. Shortly after, their dating period was over and Marzia went to Sweden to live with him. Later, they moved back to Italy, San Paolo. There, they lived with Pewds’ girlfriend’s parents.

Marzia and Felix’s fans are very dedicated to the stars. They are constantly expressing their wish to see the two getting engaged and married. Although Marzia’s been his girlfriend for almost 6 years, they are still not engaged. Earlier this month, Marzia posted a picture on Instagram with a ring that she got from Pewdiepie. Of course, their fans instantly assumed that the two got engaged. Apparently, the ring is actually a ‘promise ring’, and Marzia clearly said ‘No, we are not engaged.’

In 2016, Marzia went on a trip to Scotland with her parents. This gave birth to a rumor about a break-up. Fans kept asking why Felix wasn’t with her, thinking that the two were not dating anymore. However, Felix’s girlfriend said that they did not break up. She then posted a few photos to show everyone that they’re still dating.

In conclusion, Felix and his girlfriend are not married yet. Marzia said that they are not ready to get married. She also said that they will, at some point, get engaged.

PewDiePie 'Felix Kjellberg' and girlfriend Marzia Bisognin

Caption: PewDiePie ‘Felix Kjellberg’ and his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin

Source: The Sun

Rumor about Pewds being gay

Pewdiepie has a girlfriend who he plans to marry one day. Despite that, there are a lot of people who believe the rumor about him being gay. This rumor started in a pretty funny way. While recording a video, Felix took it a bit too far with the noise. His landlord got the wrong idea of what was going on. Later, he sent Felix a letter. In the letter, he asked Felix to leave the apartment. So, the YouTuber had to leave because of a homophobic landlord.

PewDiePie gay rumors

Caption: PewDiePie gay rumors

Source: Youtube

Short bio

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born in 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden. His mother’s name is Lotta Kristine Johanna and his father is Ulf Christian Kjellberg.  Felix also has a sister named Fanny. Prior to starting his career on YouTube, he attended the Chalmers University of Technology. He dropped out in 2011. Two years later, his YouTube channel had the most subscribers. His channel evolved constantly, and he is now taking a new approach, uploading more ‘react’ videos than gaming related stuff. He is now one of the world’s most influential people, with over 54 million subscribers.

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