Alaskan Atz Lee Kilcher’s Net Worth

Atz Lee Kilcher is an American reality TV celebrity from Homer, Alaska, starring in Discovery Channel’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. The show documents the life of the Kilcher family as they struggle to live off the land in an isolated community outside of Homer. It also features his father, Atz Kilcher, who is a talented singer and performer. There’s also Jewel, his Grammy-winning singer-songwriter sister. Finally, there is his 40-year-old, native Alaskan wife, Cristina Jane Kilcher. The show Atz stars in has some of the strongest ratings in cable television. It shows no signs of stopping, with the 6th season coming up. Now let’s find out about his main sources of income and his net worth.

Atz Lee Kilcher in Discovery Channel "Alaska: The Last Frontier"

Caption: Atz Lee Kilcher in Discovery Channel “Alaska: The Last Frontier”

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Kilcher’s net worth

Firstly, the Kilcher family owns a 613 acres piece of land in the greater Homer area. Local records also say that they can lay claim to a further 207 acres around the city. The total net worth of the family’s real estate holdings is somewhere around 3.6 million dollars. The homestead’s net worth is only about 800,000 of that total. Take into account that the net worth of the homestead and real estate is divided among the members of the family. Therefore, only some of that money belongs to Atz. It is estimated that his and his wife’s net worth is over 2 million dollars. They have very few monthly expenses, as they live on the family homestead, mostly from hunting and fishing.

Short bio

Atz Lee Kilcher is the son of Atz Kilcher, who is also famous for starring in the survival-themed reality show, and brother of very famous singer Jewel Kilcher. He is the descendant of a Swiss immigrant Alaska pioneer and he lives with his wife, Jane, on their homestead outside of Homer. They live a pretty wild life, as they have to go hunting for their food and defend their home from predators such as bears or wolves. When it comes to survival, everyone has something to learn from Atz. He takes the time to explain on the show all kinds of outdoor survival skills to the audience and to his wife. He isn’t a fan of the Internet, as he has no time for it anyway. His wife, however, often posts on Facebook, with over 40,000 followers.


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