Jenna Marble Net Worth, Source of Income and Car Crash

Jenna Marbles is an American comedian and YouTube star who earns a living by uploading videos on YouTube. While most of us struggle with our 8 to 5 jobs, she makes her millions by sitting on her couch and taking videos with her camera. On an interview with The New York Times, Jenna said she haves fun in her house, uploads it to the internet and earns from it.

She was also invited to Millionaire Matchmaker some time back.   She has an estimated net worth of over $ 5,000,000. Her annual earnings range from $71,800 to $1.1 million.   This will surely continue to grow considering she has a different source of income where she is paid very well. Jenna went from renting an $ 800 apartment to renting a $ 1,000,000 mansion in Santa Monica.

Source of Her Income

Jenna Marbles is also into business. She is also currently running an online store called REDBUBBLE where she is selling men, women and kid’s clothes.  With her huge fan base, her merchandise sells like hotcakes. Jenna Marbles has two dogs; Mr. Marbles and Kermit. Inspired by her two dogs, she launched a brand of Dog toys going by the name Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles.

Car Crash

On October 24, 2016, Jenna is in a horrible car crash with her boyfriend at the time Julien Solomita. They were going home from LAX nightclub when the accident occurred. Luckily none of them was in the driver’s seat because it was a taxi cab.   She revealed the details of the crash to her fans on social media. She reassured everyone that apart from some minor injuries, they were no serious injuries. Jenna even made a YouTube video explaining to her fans that they were okay except for her knee injury. She is also grateful that they were wearing seatbelts when the accident happened.



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