Who is musical.ly star Baby Ariel dating? New boyfriend?

Have you ever heard of musical.ly? If you haven’t, buckle up, ’cause you’re about to find out. Musical.ly is a social network app. It offers the possibility to broadcast live, message and create videos. Its users can create 15 seconds long music videos accompanied by various soundtracks. The app also has a speed option, allowing the users to go from very slow to ultra fast, or ‘epic’. Its users are called ‘musers’ and are very creative when it comes to creating videos. Baby Ariel is one of them. The YouTube star makes tutorials in which she mimics the lyrics of the selected tracks. Combining the pre-set filters and speed options, she creates some really interesting stuff. She is very popular right now, with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. So does the young girl have a boyfriend? Or is she even dating anyone? Let’s find out.

Does Baby Ariel have a boyfriend? Who is she dating?

Do you wanna find out if Baby Ariel is dating if she has a boyfriend? Just kidding, of course, you do. Not too long ago, She was recovering after a break-up. The YouTube star didn’t seem to be up for dating so soon after her last relationship ended, not to mention having a boyfriend. Despite that, a few months after the break-up, there was already a rumor about a new affair. Her supposed boyfriend is fellow ‘muser’ Blake Gray.

Picture of Baby Ariel and Blake Gray in instagram

Picture of Baby Ariel and Blake Gray in Instagram

This rumor arose after the two were seen together in a few photos. Were they dating? We do not know, but their Twitter profiles hint towards a relationship between the two teenagers. Although She didn’t confirm if Blake is her new boyfriend, there are a few convincing Tweets. Blake’s posts on Ariel’s page got their fans excited about this possible affair.

Blake and Ariel quickly became ‘Blariel’. Their fans came up with this term. The teenagers’ fans have even created a Twitter profile, praising this possible affair. Here it is @blarielfanpage. Still, the rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet. Nevertheless, there are a lot of photos of Blake and Ariel, so they may be in a relationship.

Also, Blake’s ‘I love making you happy’ on Ariel’s Twitter profile doesn’t seem to be a joke.

Baby Ariel and Blake Gray tweet

Baby Ariel and Blake Gray tweet

Ariel’s previous relationship and break-up

A few months before the rumor about her affair with Blake Gray, she was in a relationship with Zach Clayton. This relationship only lasted for a few months, though. During this affair, Boyfriend Zach and Ariel seemed to have the happiest relationship in the world. No one expected the break-up. They collaborated on a few videos as a couple. Also, unlike her supposed affair with Blake, this relationship was made public soon. Ariel and Zach posted a ton of photos together, to the delight of all their fans who couldn’t wait to find out more about the affair. In July 2016, Zach and Ariel decided to break up. This took all their fans by surprise. Of course, the fans wanted to know what was the reason behind the break-up. The couple quickly replied. They said that their schedules and the distance between them caused the break-up.

Although they separated, Ariel and Zach both said that they still love each other. They remained friends after the break-up, saying that they will cherish the beautiful moments they lived, forever.

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