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Most of the car fanatics can never ignore the presence of Murder Nova in the industry. Apart from the mere obsession with his personality, there is very little else which his fans can say about him. To many people, his life has always been shrouded in the mists of mystery. It is high time his supporters and followers started following Nova’s private and career life.

This article will assist the reader in unearthing the very basics about the life of Murder Nova; his net worth, marriage life and any other relevant piece of information about him.

Murder Nova Net Worth and Salary Per Episode

Currently, there are still not calculations regarding the exact net worth of Murder Nova. However, there are those sources which have estimated that Murder Nova net worth could be $1.2 million.

Image of Murder Nova net worth is $1.2 million

Murder Nova net worth from Street Outlaws is $1.2 million

Murder Nova is one of the senior most cast members of the show. The greater portion of his net worth has been created from his career as a car racer and the appearances he makes on the reality television show. Right from his early days, Murder Nova is a man who was meant for the track. In as much as he had a career before then, his moments of fame began to show when started making appearances on the reality television show, Street Outlaws.  At the beginning of every week, his fans are always eager to see him.

The amount of money that Murder Nova earns as salary at the end of every episode is unfortunately not known at the moment. However, it is easy to guess that he is not earning less than $30,000. If anything, he is a very senior personality at the show. From his lifestyle, Murder Nova is making a kill from his career.

Murder Nova Married To Wife and Have Children

Murder Nova is a married man. He is also a father of one son. Nova’s son is called Aiden Ellington. Murder Nova’s wife name is not known currently. He seems to be content and happy with the small family which God has blessed him with. At some point, Murder Nova posted a picture of his wife and son on Instagram.

Image of Murder Nova with his wife and his son Aiden Ellington

Murder Nova with his wife and his son, Aiden Ellington

Nova’s family has been very instrumental to his success as a car racer and television personality. At his lowest moments, they have always given him a reason to be optimistic. The personality of Murder Nova is so warm. Most of the followers of the show have come to agree that he is such fun to watch on the screens. Perhaps his happy and lively face could be due to the massive support he receives from home. Well, it is not easy for a happy man to come from a frustrated marriage.

How old is Murder Nova aka Shawn Ellington? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Murder Nova was born in the year 1977. He is therefore approximately 41 years old at the moment. Owing to the fact that the exact day and month of Nova’s birth is not known, it is not possible to tell when he celebrates his birthday.

Wikipedia, Bio, House

Born in Merced, California, Murder Nova’s family later relocated to Oklahoma. He spent his childhood days cleaning the spare parts of cars at his father’s workshop. From the very beginning, Murder Nova has always strived to be the very best. He has worked to exceed his limitations. At the show, Nova and Ryan Martin are the best of friends. One unique thing with Murder Nova is the fact that he is extremely social and as such makes friends so fast. One may think that Ryan and Nova have been close friends ever since they were little boys.

Murder Nova Car And Crash Updates. Death Rumors

At the moment, Murder Nova’s car is twin turbocharged. For now, there are no reports of Murder Nova’s involvement in an accident. As for the death rumors, they are simply false.

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