Kye Kelley Net Worth and Car. Meet His Ex-wife, Girlfriend, and Wiki-Bio

As a car race driver, Kye Kelley’s moments of fame came when he started taking part in the popular reality television show, Street Outlaws. Besides the show, Kye Kelley has a performance club in McComb, Mississippi. Starting from the lowest ranks, Kye has over the years rose steadily through the ladder of his car racing career.

The climax of his career was in 2014 when he managed to beat the then world champion, Mike Murillo. Mike had won the title fourteen times before Kye finally took it away from him. Here are some of the necessary details that the fans may need to know about the life of Kye Kelley; including his ex-wife, Alisa Mote, girlfriend Lizzy Musi, and wiki-bio.

Kye Kelley Net Worth and Salary Per Episode

From most of the sources consulted, Kye Kelly net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $500,000. The amount of money he earns a salary at the end of each episode of the Street Outlaws is $150,000. This salary projection had been extracted from the grapevine. The official announcement are yet to be revealed about his earnings from Street Outlaws team.

Image of Kye Kelley net worth is $500,000

Kye Kelley net worth from Street Outlaws is $500,000

In the car race event which took place in Texas in 2015, it is said that Kye Kelley managed to win a cash prize of $16,000. He then proceeded to win a cash prize of $6,000 in Oklahoma. His current drive, Chevrolet Camaro, is approximated to be worth $29,000. Apart from the proceeds he gets from the reality television show and the car racing activities, Kye Kelley also owns a shop in McComb, Mississippi.

Kye Kelley Married To Wife, Alisa Mote, And Divorced. Meet His Children

At some point, Kye Kelley got married to his girlfriend of so many years. Kye Kelley’s wife was Alisa Mote. The two had started dating when they were still very young. In the course of their marriage, they were blessed with a daughter named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley.

Image of Kye Kelley ex-wife Alisa Mote

Kye Kelley ex-wife, Alisa Mote

Unfortunately, the marriage could not stand the test of time, and it consequently collapsed in 2016. Before his marriage with Alisa Mote, Key Kelley was married to another woman. Together, they had another kid. However, there is not so much information regarding Kye’s first marriage.

Kye Kelley Dating New Girlfriend, Lizzy Musi

Kye Kelley has since moved own from his divorce and is currently in a dating relationship with Lizzy Musi. Lizzy is the daughter of the famous engineer Pat Musi. Lizzy Musi happens to be a car racer just like her boyfriend. At some point, Kye Kelley called on his girlfriend Lizzy to race at the Street Outlaws. It was a No Preps King’s race. Kye keeps showing off his new love for the members of the public to see.

Image of Kye Kelley girlfriend Lizzy Musi

Kye Kelley girlfriend, Lizzy Musi

How old is Kye Kelley? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Born on the 19th of May 1987, Kye Kelley is 32 years old at the moment. He celebrates his birthday on the 19th of May every year. He is yet to post the pictures of his most recent birthday celebrations.

Wikipedia, Bio

Kye Kelly was born in Mississippi. By then, the town was quite small and only had one red light. Kye is, therefore, an American by nationality. His ethnic background is white. From a young age of 14, Kye Kelly was already interested in cars. Once he was done with college, Kye started his car racing career in the oil fields. He started with dirt bikes. He then graduated to faster and more sophisticated cars.

Kye Kelley Quits Racing? Know What Happened?

At the moment, the public is yet to receive any news of Kye Kelly hanging boots on his career. Kye Kelley is still in love with the game. The thought of him trying to quit is unimagined.

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