Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Dead or Alive

Joseph Lott came to the limelight after his appearance on the Mountain Monsters series. Despite the risks that are there in monster hunting, the job is all the same rewarding. This is evident in the net worth he has made so far.

This article will provide you with details on his wiki-bio, net worth and wife. Also, you will find out whether Joseph Lott is dead or still alive.


Joseph Lott’s wiki-bio is empty. The celebrity has kept his details away from the public eye. He has not disclosed of his age, place of birth or upbringing.

He has also kept secret his academic details and family details. Even on the internet, you will not find any information revealing his early life.

All that is spoken of him is his professional phase. He is only known for what he does in the public eye.


Joseph Lott’s career is traced in the Mountain Monsters television series. As a television personality, he works as one of the cast members in the series.

The series first aired in Destination America in the year 2013. He happened to be one of the six co-founders of the show.

Image of Joseph Lott from Mountain Monsters show

Joseph Lott from Mountain Monsters show

Joseph Lott is often referred to as Joe “Huckleberry” Lott in the show. The six co-founders have teamed up as Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS).

This team is headed by John “Trapper” Tice. The main goal of this team is to find out the undiscovered creatures on the Appalachian Mountains.

The team members are experienced trappers and hunters who came together for a common course.

Each member is assigned a specific role by their expertise. This makes monster hunting interesting and easy.

Joe “Huckleberry” Lott’s main responsibility is to provide security for the AIMS.

He is experienced in lead and gunpowder. Moreover, being a West Virginia’s native, he understands the woods very perfectly.

He also has backwoods experience as a US Marine, and this compliments his role.

His colleagues are; John Tice, Jeff Headlee, Jake Lowe, Will McQuillan, and Neff.

Joseph Lott Net Worth

Joseph Lot’s net worth currently adds up to $500,000.

Image of Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott net worth is $500,000

Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott net worth is $500,000

According to wiki-bio, Joseph Lott earns a salary of approximately $16000 per episode. Since the series debut in 2013, he has appeared in all episodes.

Therefore, the largest portion of his total net worth is thanks to the Mountain Monsters.

It is also reported that he has taken part in other television shows and movies. This has also made a significant contribution to his current net worth.

Joseph Lott Married, Wife, Children

Mountain Monsters’ Joseph Lott has a wife.  Wiki has disclosed that he married his wife on October 16, 2004. However, It’s still unknown who he is married to. His wife’s name is a mystery.

Concerning the celeb’s children, only one has been mentioned – a son. The source that reveals him says that he has fully taken after his father’s interests.

He has gained much interest in Ghosts and Bigfoot. Moreover, he has a library of books on this subject. At his tender age, he enjoys watching Finding Bigfoot and Monster Quest.

Joseph Lott Dead or Alive? What Is He Doing Now?

Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott is not dead; he is still alive!

Image of Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott is still alive

Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott is still alive

Recently, he rubbed shoulders with the law. This happened recently in March 2018. A report issued by Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department indicates that the celeb tried to resist arrest.

He possessed a bag of marijuana, six bags of methamphetamine, and a bag of fentanyl. As the deputies tried to talk to him, he threw the drugs into the woods. His plan did not work, however.

He was arrested and charged in a court of law. As of now, there is no information revealing his fate after the arrest.

As far as we know, he is presently acting in the Mountain Monsters series. He is also playing his role as a security man for the AIMS troop.   


Joseph Lott is a television actor and a mountain monster hunter. His wife’s name is a mystery. Joseph Lott and his wife have one child mentioned to the public. Joseph Lott’s net worth is $500,000.

Quick Facts about Mountain Monsters Joseph Lott

Name Joseph Lott
Age Not known
Birthdate Not known
Birthplace Not known
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Not known
Siblings Not known
Career Television personality, Monster Hunter
Net worth $500,000
Wife Not known
Children 1
Body measurements Not known

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