Mountain Monsters John “Trapper” Tice Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Wife, Dead or Alive

Three years ago, in January 2016 to be precise, it was reported that John Tice was dead and a number of the fans believed these reports. Some even took their heartfelt condolences to various social media platforms. To find out more about the rumored John Tice’s rumor, consider reading through this piece which also exposes John Tice’s net worth and career journey.

Also, get a chance to unveil John Tice’s wife and children. Before, then let us get straight into understanding who this star is and what his early life looked like in a broad but catchy section.


Popularly known as Trapper, John Tice was born in 1947 in West Virginia rooted in the United States of America. This is to mean that in 2019, John Tice’s age is expected to be 72 years of age. The gentleman is an American by nationality and categorizes in the white ethnicity. As for details about his family members such as information about his parents and siblings, Tice has been successful in keeping these away from the public.

However, it is reported that his father was an influential figure in making him a thick skin from a very tender age. This enabled him to be a tough and well-experienced hunter at an early age.

Far from his early childhood, the Vietnam war was an integral piece for John Tice life because he was elected to be part of the army during this time. Here, he alongside other army members spent time in the Viet Cong forest which is a tough area to survive by the star managed to survive anyway.

Unfortunately, it is not only the details about his family that the guy has managed to keep from the public but his educational background as well.


Based on his bio above, it is apparent that John Tice began his career at a tender age mentored by his father. Professionally though his journey in the wilderness began around 2000 upon the completion of his mission in the army. Here, he engaged primarily in investigating the strange occurrence in his native land alongside other experts in hunting, navigating, and trapping including but not limited to Jeff Headlee and William Neff.

This turned out to be a job to them hence formed what was popularly known as AIMS (Appalachians Investigators of Mysterious Sightings).

Image of John Tice from Mountain Monsters show

John Tice from Mountain Monsters show

As a result of the work and efforts of AIMS, a lot of television producers begun drawing attention towards them; thus the team saw it better to begin a television show. The show that was formed was the Mountain Monsters which debuted on 22nd June 2013. Therefore, it is correct to state that the television career of John Tice began in 2013 which has helped him acquire a huge number of a fan base as well as an admirable net worth.

John “Trapper” Tice Net Worth

Like said towards the completion of his career section, John Tice’s net worth as a result of his television career is desirable. So what exactly is the figure? Well, according to the latest findings by wikicelebinfo, John Tice’s net worth as of 2019 is estimated to being around $700,000. His salary has been quoted to being around $20,000.

Image of Mountain Monsters cast John Tice cast net worth is $700,000

Mountain Monsters cast John Tice cast net worth is $700,000

John Tice Married, Wife, Children

Up until now, no information about John Tice’s wife is available. This does not, however, mean that he is single. What this means is that the celebrity has not been clear on whether he is married or not married and yes there is no ring on his finger which justifies the absence of any formal marriage from his end.

However, the star has a son whose name remains hidden, but his whereabouts are cited as being around Puerto Rico. This should tell you that at some point, a pretty someone had the chance of being John Tice’s wife to be. Sadly, details of this pretty lady remain hidden. Hopefully, her identity will soon be identified. Nonetheless, keep it here for any updates about John Tice’s wife.

Is John Tice Dead or Alive?

It is true that there were rumors of John Tice death in 2016. Fortunately, this rumor was just but a hoax. This is because the star is still alive and has made various appearances on Mountain Monsters even after the rumor that he is dead.

Image of John Tice is still alive

John Tice is still alive

Quick Facts about John Tice from Mountain Monsters

Name John Tice
Age 72
Birthdate 1947
Birthplace West Virginia, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV Personality, Trapper
Net worth $700,000
Salary $20,000
Wife Not Known
Children 1
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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