Mountain Monsters Jacob Lowe wiki, bio, net worth, wife, dead or alive

Jacob Lowe is one of those guys in Mountain Monsters whose almost impossible to forget. As a result, we saw it necessary to dig deeper and find out more about this guy for his fans benefit. Particularly, through this article, we have gathered information about Jacob Lowe’s net worth as well as his salary, his career and part of his bio. On a more personal level, the article has featured a section Jacob Lowe’s wife. You better get started to be the first one to be well informed about his gentleman.


Jacob Lowe is an American belonging to the white ethnic community. Although his weight and height are not known, he has one of those bodies that depict strength. Sadly, it is challenging for us to disclose details about his birthplace and age. This is because the gentleman has been successful in keeping this information about his life as a secret. It turns out that this is not the only information that the star has left hidden from the public. There is no information about his early life or education.

As for his parents and siblings, no one seems to know of them either. This is because the gentleman barely speaks about any one of them in public. Whoever, they are nonetheless, they must be proud of their son because he has become one of the actors hailed regionally as well as internationally.

Name Jacob Lowe
Age Not Known
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV Personality, Acting
Net worth $600,000
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known


Professionally Jacob Lowe is an actor. We do not know if this was his childhood passion or even if he undertook classes on acting to be where he is today. However, he has featured in a number of shows including Mountain Monsters as well as Murder in the park.

Image of Jacob Lowe from Mountain Monsters show

Jacob Lowe from Mountain Monsters show

In Mountain Monsters, his task is technical as it entails much of a daredevil personality which he performs perfectly. He began featuring in both of these television series in 2013. With this, it is evident that 2013 was a fulfilling year for the star in terms of his acting career.

Jacob Lowe’s net worth

Before getting to unveil Jacob Lowe’s net worth, it is essential to denote that all his earning emerge from his acting career. It has, in fact, be reported that his role in Murder in the Park earned him a huge bank balance.

Well, Jacob Lowe’s net worth is $600,000. As for his salary, it is said that he could be earning an estimated $18,000 per episode on your favorite television series Mountain Monsters but none of this has been confirmed.

Image of Mountain Monsters cast Jacob Lowe net worth is $600,000

Mountain Monsters cast Jacob Lowe net worth is $600,000

Jacob Lowe married to wife? Know their children.

In as much as we would like to reveal to you Jacob Lowe’s wife, this sounds like an impossibility. Championing such statement is the fact that just like most aspects in his bio, the gentleman has not publicly given any announcement concerning his wife.

What is worse is that there is no single woman out there who’s has claimed to be Jacob Lowe’s wife. His previous relationships are also not known to anyone. Judging from the fact that a ring on the finger symbolizes marriage, we are tempted to assume that the celebrity is not yet married.

This is influenced by the absence of a ring finger of his finger. However, we cannot make a 100% confirmation on this unless he personally declares the state of his status in matters of love or relationship.

Just like there is no information about Jacob Lowe’s wife, there is also no report on the star’s children. Whether he has children or not is a coin toss. Whatever the case, we hope that Lowe comes clear on these things so that his fans through us can be well informed.

Is Jacob Lowe dead or alive? What is he doing now

Jacob Lowe lives a low profile life. However, this does not mean that when he is off the show for some days, he is dead. Jacob Lowe is still alive and focusing on his career in acting presently.

Hopefully, he lives for long so that you all get to enjoy his on-screen moments because clearly there is nothing much about his off-screen life that anyone can know unless one is his close friend or a family member.


Jacob Lowe is an American actor. He has been featured on the hit television series Mountain Monsters. He is one of those celebrities who prefers to keep to himself. Personal information about his life and family are hard to come by as a result.

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