Moonshiners Tyler Wood Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Children, Dead or Alive

Tyler Wood is a moonshiner and musician. He came to the limelight after making appearances in the Moonshiners series on Discovery Channel.

The reality television star is multi-talented as we will see from his wiki-bio. Having successfully ventured into different fields, he has accumulated desirable net worth.

His success has not only been in his professional life. He is leading a blissful married life. Find out who his wife is herein.

In this article, we shall also find out whether Tyler Wood is dead or not.


According to wiki-bio, Tyler Wood was born on May 6, 1970. This makes his present age 48 years. His wiki-bio has many patches of missing information more so that regarding his personal life.

It does not disclose anything about his upbringing, education or siblings. However, it is revealed that Tyler Wood’s ancestry was of Kentucky Moonshiners and Bootleggers.

His father, Galen, was a renowned bootlegger, tobacco farmer, hunter, and trapper. His mother, Viola, on the other hand, was known for making spirits and homebrew.


Tyler Wood has many phases in his career life. He can be best termed as multi-gifted.

Having been born in a family of Moonshiners, Tyler Wood gained exposure at an early age. At this time, he learned the art of making the secret family white whiskey.

As he grew up, he diverged into a career in metal work and machinist. Eventually, he became an expert copper still builder.

In 2007, he worked as a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq. This was during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He was at the forefront supplying logistical support for American troops and armored convoys. After his return from Iraq, he became a head engineer for a natural gas pipeline project.

After completion of the project, he decided to venture into business. This was when he launched a commercial lemonade business.

He used this platform to revive his family’s moonshine legacy. He started distilling and bootlegging his family’s white whiskey.

Image of Tyler Wood from Moonshiners show

Tyler Wood from Moonshiners show

Within no time, Tyler’s white whiskey gained market throughout the southern United States and beyond. His recognition and other connections landed him on the Moonshiners TV show.

The celebrity is also a songwriter and renowned country music artist especially in Nashville TN. his first album “Outlaw Soul” produced a hit song named “Still Ridin’ Shotgun” in 2014. The song has recorded more than 15 million views on YouTube to present.

His second album “Road to Redemption” was recorded in Nashville in 2016. His latest album that he has recorded goes by the name “Who I Am.”

Tyler Wood has so far managed to showcase his family’s white whiskey heritage to the world.  The Moonshiners show was indeed a valuable platform for this.

Moreover, he has built a 10,000 square foot craft distillery in his native Lewisburg, Kentucky. He recently launched his new product, Tyler Wood White Whiskey in 2018.

Tyler Wood Net Worth

Tyler Wood’s net worth is currently estimated to be $1.7 million. He is indeed a wealthy man as compared to his counterparts in the Moonshiners.

Image of Moonshiners cast Tyler Wood net worth is $1.7 million

Moonshiners cast Tyler Wood net worth is $1.7 million

His high net worth is attributed to the diverse fields of his career. Further, he has excelled in all these fields.

His net worth is expected to keep rising as his future career life stands very promising.

Tyler Wood Married, Wife, Children

Tyler Wood is a happily married man. As of now, wiki-bio has not disclosed any information about the celeb’s wife.

Also, details of when the couple got married remain unrevealed.

Image of Tyler Wood with his daughter Addison

Tyler Wood with his daughter, Addison

Concerning children, the reality star and his wife have a three-year-old daughter. Her name is Addison Tyler Wood, and she was born in 2015.

Is Tyler Wood from Moonshiners Dead?

No, Moonshiners’ Tyler Wood is not dead. News circulating all over the internet about his death was just a hoax.

Image of Moonshiners cast Tyler Wood is alive fit and healthy

Moonshiners cast Tyler Wood is alive fit and healthy

From trustable wiki sources, we have confirmed that the country music singer is not dead yet. We wish him a long life.   

Quick Facts about Moonshiner Tyler Wood

Name Tyler Wood
Age 48
Birthdate 6th May 1970
Birthplace Not known
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Galen and Viola
Siblings Not known
Career TV actor, Singer
Net worth $1.7 million.
Wife Not known
Children 1 (Addison)
Body measurements Not known

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