Who is Michael Cohen’s Wife, Laura Shusterman? Her Bio, Married Life, Children, Net Worth, Father

Michael Cohen is behind bars for whatever crimes he maybe not even commit, but is the worst behind him now? Well, we don’t think so. He also left behind his wife, Laura Shusterman, who now takes care of their children all by herself.

Who is his Cohen’s wife? Know her children with Michael Cohen and also find out her net worth & bio right here!

Laura Shusterman Early Life

Laura Shusterman, better known as Laura Cohen, was born in 1970 in what used to be the Soviet Union, now Ukraine. She was born to father Fima Shusterman and mother Ania Shusterman. Her father moved to the USA and made provisions for his family to migrate.

Laura Cohen Father

During her husband’s trial, some truth about her father surfaced out as well. Laura Cohen’s father was found guilty for tax fraud in 1993. He was charged with conspiring to defraud US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in a laundering scheme. It was a low-blow if you ask us to use that to incline public view on her husband during the case.

Laura Cohen Net Worth

Laura Cohen’s net worth is robust for us to estimate. She has not been in the public eyes as much as her husband. Hence her net worth is very difficult to calculate. If we were to look for her husband’s net worth, it’s on hold, as the government has ceased it for now.

Image of  Michael Cohen with his wife, Laura Cohen

Michael Cohen with his wife, Laura Cohen

However, Laura Cohen’s husband Michael Cohen’s net worth was once over $100 million but now has reached -$1 million. What would you expect it to be when you are charged with crimes involving the current President of the United States, Donald Trump? But make no mistake, in his primetime, used to handle millions of dollars daily as a prominent shot lawyer and businessman.

Before he was Donald Trump’s number 1 man, Cohen already had built a business empire on Taxi medallions and earning a formidable worth. After being associated with Trump, his success reached new heights.

Reason’s for Laura Cohen and Husband’s Low Net Worth

On top of that, Cohen’s trial conclusions were very expensive. He had to pay $1.39 million to the IRS as restitution, $100,000 in just fines, and also a $500,000 as forfeiture. No wonder his net worth went downhill.

Laura Cohen shares her husband’s net worth, which is now falling fast, but Laura does come from a wealthy family of her own. Her father, Fima Shusterman, was the one who would introduce his son-in-law to the family business.

Image of Micheal Cohen during his testimony against Donald Trump

Micheal Cohen during his testimony against Donald Trump

By 1993, Fima owned nine taxi medallions, which then were roughly valued at $1.5 million. Her fathers also faced defraud charges but pleaded guilty and had to pay $5,000 in fine for a lenient sentence.

Laura Cohen Married Life As Michael Cohen’s Wife, Their Children

Michael Cohen, in his trial, started with an opening sentence that he is a blessed husband and father. He could have chosen any words to open with, but since he used these, it’s clear that he loves his wife and children dearly.

Michael also said that he had been a husband for 24 years, meaning that they were married in 1994 or 1995. So, Michael and Laura have been married for a long time, and they have their two beautiful children to prove that.

He has a son, Jake, who is currently studying at the University of Miami. Meanwhile, his daughter, Samantha, is a University of Pennsylvania graduate. His daughter is also an aspiring model.

Image of  Michael Cohen's family; his wife, daughter, and son during his trials

Michael Cohen’s family; his wife, daughter, and son during his trials

Michael’s family, particularly his wife and daughter, have been subject to a lot of harassment after Michael Cohen’s trials, which is pretty sad.

Quick Facts about Laura Shusterman

Full Name Laura Shusterman
Age 58 or 59 years old
Birthdate 1970
Birthplace Ukraine
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
Husband Michael Cohen
Children 2 Children
Net Worth N/A
Father Fima Shusterman
Mother Ania Shusterman

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