Melinda Farrell: biography, married life

Melinda Farrell is one of ESPN’s most skilled and knowledgeable journalists and producers. Born in New South Wales, Australia, the journalist has a particular passion for cricket and rugby. For years, she has provided top quality previews, game coverage, and interviews. She works as a freelancer, presenting for ESPNcricinfo and being in high demand for hosting cricket-related events and tournaments. Before joining ESPN at the age of 29, Melinda was a sports presenter for and ABC News 24, among others.

Melinda Farrell interviewing after cricket match

Caption: Melinda Farrell interviewing after cricket match

Source: Cricinfo

Pleasant to the eye, the journalist is loved by everyone. This, of course, has sparked people’s interest in her personal life. Is she happily married and living with her husband? If not, does she have a boyfriend o is she dating anyone? Let’s try to find out.

Is Melinda married? Who is her husband?

So far, the Australian journalist is very successful at keeping her professional and personal life separated. All we know is that she has not been married yet. Melinda has not revealed any information about her dating history or any former or current husband. It might be that she really wants to keep her personal life to herself, considering those things to be irrelevant. On the other hand, she might be focusing mainly on her career at the moment. That is, of course, a thing to respect. A husband may as well distract her. Although she is a very busy and dynamic journalist, Melinda finds time to interact with her fans on social media. She is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Nevertheless, she is still a professional, keeping her personal life issues to herself. She hasn’t even been dating anyone casually.

Rumors about dating a mysterious boyfriend

Melinda’s fans have been speculating for a while now that she may be dating a mystery man. While she was on a vacation in Europe, there was a rumor about a secret boyfriend. Fans believe that Melinda enjoyed her vacation with a man she might be dating. During this vacation, Melinda posted a few photos on social media. This had people wondering who might be taking those photos. The first thing that came to mind is some possible future husband. It has been speculated that Jesse Hogan might be dating her. While there is no evidence that Melinda is currently dating anyone, the mystery still remains as to who accompanied her on her vacation. Was it a secret boyfriend or not? Only she knows. We’ll wait patiently for her to show up with a husband.

Melinda Farrell and rumored boyfriend Jesse Hogan

Caption: Melinda Farrell and rumored boyfriend Jesse Hogan


Melinda Farrell was born on January 24, 1985, in New South Wales, Australia. She has graduated from the University of Canberra with a Communications and Journalism degree. The journalist joined the ESPN team in 2014, at the age of 29. Prior to that, she worked in the UK for Sky Sports, as well as for ABC News 24 and others. Her career gave her the opportunity to travel, as well. She spent seven months in the Middle East while working for David Atkins Enterprises. During this period, she provided coverage on the Asian Games. Other notable works include cricket coverage for publications like The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and many others. Her skills have brought her three nominations for the Australian Sports Commission Awards.

In conclusion, let’s hope the 33 years old gorgeous journalist will soon find a husband and delight us all with a grand wedding. When she does, make sure to come back here for the update.


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