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Maria Lynn is a model, beauty pageant and a singer. Just last year, she won the Miss Universe Thailand. Maria would then proceed to represent Thailand in the Miss Universe 2017. In as much as she did not emerge as the winner, Maria Lynn was among the five top best models. To the analysts, Maria Lynn is a concoction of so many talents put up together. Apart from the looks, Maria has the gift of gabs. She talks so eloquently and smoothly.

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Mariah Lynn Net worth, Age, Career and Songs

The fact that Maria was born in a family of seeming academicians yet ended up as an artist comes out as rather interesting. Mariah father was an engineer while the mother was a teacher. All the same, she chose her own path.

Born in Bangkok in 1992, Maria Lynn, moved with her family to Vietnam when she was only two years old. They would later return to Bangkok when Maria was seven. By the age of fourteen, Maria was already training as a model.

Image of Mariah Lynn Car

Mariah Lynn in Car

As an American based rapper, reality television personality and a song rapper, Maria Lynn has made a significant amount of wealth for herself over the years. By the beginning of 2018, Maria Lynn’s net worth was estimated to be around $300000. Most of her finances come from rapping and being a reality television personality. Maria has earned herself the position of being the latest newbies in the sixth season of the Love & Hip Hop reality tv show.

Known for her ambitions as a young rapper, it is so evident that Maria Lynn took advantage of this opportunity to gain more popularity and make more money. The rapper’s net worth has doubled over the last three years. In 2015, Maria Lynn was estimated to be worth $150000. Her dedication will surely take her places.

Image of Musical Artist Mariah Lynn net worth is $150,000

Musical Artist, Mariah Lynn net worth is $150,000

In being a rapper and reality TV personality, Mary Lynn always tries to outshine herself. With her fans always expecting so much from her, she has to make sure that her next hit song is nothing but the best. Some of her most popular singles include Blurr, Boong, Come Along, Grin and Wait Up.
Maria Lynn has a musical flair and a sexy body. With this, she makes a very good model. Maria combines talents and great looks. It is for this reason that it is so difficult for her opponents to catch up with her. During the Miss Universe 2017 competitions, Maria Lynn wore a national costume named Mekhala Lor Kaew.

Maria Lynn was born in the year 1990. She is therefore presently 28 years old.

Mariah Lynn Married to Husband or Dating Boyfriend?

Not so much is known about Maria Lynn’s marriage life. From the available records, she has never been married before. That she keeps her personal life so far away from the public makes it very difficult to extract any meaningful information from it. Whether she is already having a boyfriend or is yet to have one is a question that is very difficult to answer. However, sources from the grapevine have pointed out that Mary Lynn could be dating. The harassment that comes with the curiosity of the fans is what may be pushing Maria to keep her personal life private.

Image of Mariah Lynn is currently single

Mariah Lynn is neither dating nor married; she is currently single

However, going by her past, Maria Lynn could be having one of the most controversial dating histories ever. Her social media drama with Rich will never be erased from the minds of her fans. In as much as Maria Lynn claimed that she had dated Richie for almost three years, Rich rebutted such claims saying that he had not messed with her at whatever occasion. In this whole picture, there is also Cisco.

Image of Mariahlynn birthday picture with her boyfriend

Mariah Lynn birthday picture with her boyfriend

Cisco decided to talk to Maria with an intention of hurting Rich. Well, he was not happy with the fact that Rich had messed with Diamond Strawberry. By the time Cisco and Maria were meeting, she already Diamond Strawberry though she still had an on and off affair with Rich. Indeed it was a very complicated love triangle. Ironically, all these dramas gave Maria Lynn so much publicity. Her fans had so much to talk about, and the more they talked about her, the more they liked her. Her love life is like a complex web.

Mariah Lynn Family, Siblings

Maria Lynn is the eldest in a family of four siblings. She has two pretty sisters and one handsome brother. Both of Maria Lynn’s parents are of Italian American origin. With her ever dramatic dating life, it is highly unlikely that Maria Lynn will be settling down anytime soon. From the look of things, Mariah does not have plans of either having children or a husband for that matter.

Maria Lynn has always stood with her family through thick and thin. She supports both her siblings and parents when the need arises. Her complicated childhood did not make her run away from home.

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