Luke Pasqualino Girlfriend and dating life. What happened to him?

This is an article about a British Dramatist and actor Luke Pasqualino. Luke Pasqualino was born on February 19, 1989, in Peterborough, England, as Luca Giuseppe Pasqualino.

Luke Pasqualino Relationship: Girlfriend and Dating Life

People’s have a curiosity that does he have any girlfriend? Or Is he married? It’s a common thinks to think about an actor. Our girl star Luke Pasqualino has been found with a pretty girl outside the Groucho club in London while having a cigarette. He has been in a dating relationship with a couple of girls and of them was Perrie Edward.

Perrie and Luke were dating during the summer of 2016, but after few month, they were split. Back in the 2009 and 2010, Luke met his fellow actress Klariza Clayton while he was rising to on E4 teen drama Skins. They dated during their time to show.

Currently, the relationship status of Luke is a subject of gossip, but we can’t be sure about his recent girlfriend. He was seen with a mystery girl, but we can’t be certain about her identity.

As seen in the photo, he was in a black dress and Luke put his hand on the pretty girl’s arms. We also can see that he pulled her near to the chest and held onto tightly.

Luke Pasqualino Mystry Girl

Luke Pasqualino was spotted with Mystery Girl after splitting from Perrie Edwards.

Source: The sun

And in 2011, it was rumored with his co-star, Jessica Szohr. But they were in the relationship for only few month. Even though he talked and had rumored with lots of girls, he is not married; he does not have a wife yet. We can also follow on Instagram where we can found many posts related to his personal life.

Luke Pasqualino Jessica Szohr Relationship

Luke Pasqualino and Jessica Szohr.


Luke Pasqualino’s Bio: What is he doing right now?

Luke Pasqualino’s parents are of Italian descent, from Sicily and Naples. He studied Walton Community school in Walton, Peterborough and after schooling, he joined drama classes at Stamford Art Center.

For the first time, he went to audition for the part of Tiny Stonem series 1 of Skins. But he was not selected, British actor Nicholas Hoult was the winner of this part.

After the audition, he was present in many plays and started modeling too. Pasqualino started acting as the protagonist in low budget movie Stingers Rule.

In 2008 he started a new series regulars in E4 television drama series Skins. In February 2010, Luke was appeared in the Supernatural horror movie ‘The Apparition’ which was the production of Warner Bros. Pictures.

Pasqualino won the award the starring role in the Syfy television pilot Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, a prequel to the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series in 2011.

Pasqualino also played online series on Not only limited to the British movie industry, he also played a French series in 2013.

Later on, he also appeared in Snowpierser. In the interview which was taken from BBC, Luke Pasqualino said to all audience that

“I hope the audience takes it for what it is – I don’t want them to think this is anything like the way The Musketeers has been portrayed before.”

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