Youtuber Alisha Marie Wiki: Did Alisha Marie Reveal her boyfriend?

If you have ever thought about doing your make up at home to save money instead of going to the parlor then Youtube has been a savior for you. This is because of thousands of beauty gurus guiding you through each step of your make up. One name that really stands out among such beauty expert is Alisha Marie.

Youtube Star Alisha Marie Boyfriend and Dating life.

If you don’t recognize Alisha Marie then she is a famous Youtube personality who is known for making videos on make-up tutorials. Among many of her videos, she had once done a one with the boyfriend tag but it has been a long time since we have heard her talk about her boyfriend. Is she still dating him or is she already dating someone new?

Well, we have all the answers you may need. It is true that Alisha did make a video regarding her boyfriend in 2012 and revealed him to be Andrew. She did not mention the last name of her boyfriend and later also posted a photo of them together on Instagram where the last name was again not given.

She posted one more picture with Andrew with a #boyfriend on Instagram. Another time that Alisha has mentioned her boyfriend was 2 years before the video in 2010 where she answered a much-asked fan question about how long she has dated her boyfriend and answered it.

She said she had been dating her boyfriend for 1 year and 8 months although we are not sure if she was talking about Andrew with no last name or not.

Anyway years later in 2015 new fans began again storming her with boyfriend questions and she finally broke her silence with another video “I have a new boyfriend”.

While fans were keen to learn who it was, the reality turned out that she was single and had currently no partners in her life.

Alisha Marie’s house tour and net worth

Alisha Marie is one of the most top rating beauties Youtuber. She has a crazy over 6.6 million subscribers on her main channel. Her channel has gained a total of 695 million views.

Even back in June when she had just 5.5 million subscribers and a little over 500 million views in total she was making a salary of 1400 dollars a day. Similarly, her vlog channel has also already gained a total of 2.4 million subscribers with a total of 354 million views.

Back when her net worth and salary were calculated in June, she was making 800 dollars a day. Even so back then her total net worth was estimated at somewhere in the 1.3 million dollars margin.

However, the big number of subscribers and views must have increased her initial net worth that is still under calculation.

With all the extra bucks coming in Alisha has put it to good use. She recently bought a new bigger house. You can view their new house tour by checking out her vlog channel.

She did not give out the details of her house and décor in the house tour but on simple observation, it looked like a very spacey new house.

Alisha Marie parents & siblings

Alisha Marie is a very famous Youtube personality but still has kept really hush when it comes to her personal life. We know little about her parents or family life.

Alisha Marie with her soul Sister Ashley Nicole.

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The one member we know from her family is her sibling sister, Ashley. You might have seen the sibling in many of her videos and Ashley is a Youtube star herself.

You can find the links to her channel in Alisha’s Channel itself. Ashley and Alisha have appeared together in multiple videos including Alisha’s most viewed video with currently 26 million views.

Alisha Marie age and bio

Alisha Marie was born in 1993 and her birthday in on 5th April so that means she is currently 24 years of age.

She is a very famous Youtuber who is known for being a beauty guru and sharing beauty tutorial videos. She has mustered a total of 6.6 million subscribers in her Youtube channel and she also has over 3.5 million followers on her Instagram page.

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