Kristian Alfonso and husband Danny Daggenhurst still going strong

Some people are famous for their work, some for their body parts while others for the scandals they are in, well this person is married to one. You will not find any information on Danny Daggenhurst in the Wikipedia. So, scroll on to get the exclusive details on his biography, net worth and get a look at Kristian Alfonso’s husband’s photos.

Danny Daggenhurst and Kristian Alfonso  

Danny Daggenhurst is an ordinary man who made it to the tabloids and news after his marriage to Kristian Alfonso. Danny’s wife, Kristian Alfonso is a famous model, actress, and a former figure skater.

Danny Daggenhurst and Kristian Alfonso tied the knot on October 6, 2001. Danny and Kristian only have one son together, Jack Daggenhurst who was born a year later, on July 18, 2002. Despite just having one son together, Danny and Kristian raise three sons – Gino Macaulay, Kristian and ex-husband Simon Macauley’s son, and Spartan Daggenhurst, Danny and ex-wife Nabila Khashoggi’s son.

Danny was stated saying his family will always stand as his first priority in his life.

Danny Daggenhurst and Kristian Alfonso  togehter in a caertain event

Danny Daggenhurst and his wife, Kristian Alfonso

A little info on Danny Daggenhurst

Danny Daggenhurst is a Caucasian American citizen. Danny is a very private person so no matter how much you dig into the internet all you will find is he is a very loving and loyal husband and father. You find info on his parents or his date of birth, and hence we are left to speculate that he might be around Kristian’s age, who will be 55 on September 5th this year.

Danny Daggenhurst

He has pretty much supported and looked after his children while wife Kristian is off working. Kristian says that him being her rock is the reason they have a 17-year strong marriage and she would never divorce Danny.

He has pretty much kept out of the press despite being Kristian’s husband, so we do not know much about his employment status, but it is being speculated that he may start something on his own.

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