Does Mitch Grassi have a boyfriend? Also know his net worth

Who is Mitch Grassi’s boyfriend? Read on to find out if he’s dating Scott Hoying. Also, find out his net worth and other details.

Mitch Grassi Wiki

With 3 Grammy awards in the bag, you bet this 25-year-old Pentatonix member is a hot commodity today. Born on 24 July 1992 Mitch has made the headlines quite many times from winning the third season of Sing-Off in 2011 to being openly gay to dropping a hot album with Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying.

Mitch Grassi was into stage performance from the young age of ten. He played a part in the school drama “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”.

Mitch Grassi

Mitch has a voice that spans 6 octaves and one tone, from A1 to B7 and he can play the cello and piano while he sings. Mitch has fashioned himself one too many tattoos all over his body.

Pentatonix and Superfruit

Mitch knew his a cappella bandmates Scott Hoying and Kirstin Maldonado when they were 10. Grassi, Hoying, and Maldonado started a cappella group “The Trio”.

The Trio were joined by Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola to form Pentatonix. The group won the Sing Off but never got the proposed contract. This resulted in their Youtube account PTXofficial which now has more than 14 million a cappella lovers.

Scott Hoying and  Scott Hoying

Scott Hoying and Mitch together have another Youtube channel Superfruit, which has more than 2.5 million followers, where they talk about life, post vlogs, and challenges.

Does Mitch have a boyfriend? Is he married?

The question “does Mitch have a boyfriend?” has tossed around a lot, but despite being asked outright the Mitch and Scott have pointedly answered some other the question. This has to lead the fandom into believing they are dating just hiding the fact. But no official statements have been made yet.

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