Know about Sheree Zampino’s Family: Get Familiar with her Husband and Children

Will Smith is surely few celebrities to have his entire family as a celeb. Though the media claims that Smith is the most favored among his whole family, all the members hold a glamorous celebrity life. There is one other name which comes to everyone’s mind instantly which is related to Will. His ex-wife, Sheree Fletcher.
Sheree Fletcher is also only a common name, but because she was Will’s ex-wife, it means she is famous in the media industry. Let’s dig out some more information about Sheree Zampino. Is she married to someone? Does she have children?

Twice married Sheree’s married life, divorce, and history

For the very first time, Sheree got married to Will Smith, an American actor, producer, rapper, and songwriter. The couple got married in 1992 and got divorced in 1995. They have a son, Trey Smith together.

Sheree Zampino got divorced with her husband Will Smith

Caption: Sheree Zampino divorced with her husband Will Smith

Sheree again got married to Terrel Fletcher on 26th May 2007 and had one child together. But after seven years of marriage, Sheree decided to call it a quit in November 2014.  The media usually remembers her by her birth name, Sheree Zampino, as she has already filed for divorced with her husband, as reported by TMZ.

Sheree Zampino married her husband Terrell Fletcher in 2007

Caption: Sheree Zampino married her husband Terrell Fletcher in 2007

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The court documents obtained from L.A. County Superior Court, it is stated that Sheree wanted to call it quit because of conflicting differences. Her demands have not specified though she requested for Spousal support. The divorce is to be finalized yet, but it may be underway. The following is a link proof of their separation.

Sheree’s son from Will Smith: Relationship with Will and Jada

When Sheree was married to Will Smith, she gave birth to a son, Trey Smith who was born on 11th November 1992. The vow between the two parents are already over, but both of them are still his parents. Sheree posted the following link showing the photo of Will and Trey.

Sheree Zampino's son Trey Smith and husband Will Smith

Caption: Sheree Zampino’s son Trey Smith and husband Will Smith

Source: Instagram@shereefletcher

Beside the Image, Sheree gave an interview to on 2010, saying,

“Our kids don’t refer to each other—and when I say, three kids, I’m talking about Willow and Jaden—they don’t refer to each other as half-brother and half-sister. That concept is so foreign to them. They are brothers and sister. Period.”

Despite the fact of being already divorced, Sheree has maintained a good relationship with Will and his current wife, Jada Pinkett Smith which is also a famous name in Hollywood. They often see each other face to face. The time when actress Alexis Arquette made hostile claims in Facebook about Will Smith being gay, and their first married ended because of Will’s cheating on Sheree with another man, Sheree boldly countered the false assertions on Will on a four-minute video.

Sheree is now single being a mother of two kids.

Sheree’s Short Bio And Net Worth:

Sheree Zampino is an American actress and a producer born on November 16, 1967, in New York, the USA. She is known widely for the Hollywood Exes, Minay TV and 2013 Do Something Award. Sheree started her movie career with the film Hollywood Exes in 2012. Sheree holds American nationality with Italian and African American ethnicity. Sheree is very much active in social media and keeps on updating about herself to her fans. She has large fans following her on her social networking sites. The actress’s net worth is still under evaluation, but it is believed to be in the region of 6 million dollars.


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