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In case you have been a loyal fan of the epic reality TV series Deadliest Catch, you know too well that in 2015, Johnathan Hillstrand got sued due to some cases of injuries. Find the latest updates of this case from this article which also gives details of Johnathan Hillstrand’s wife and children.

I bet it would also interest you to unveil the guy’s income. That is why the article also discloses Johnathan Hillstrand’s net worth as well as his salary. Without taking any more time to let us get started and which other section would start this article other than the stars’ biography?


Currently a retired cast member of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, Johnathan Hillstrand is a guru in fishing. The gentleman was born on the 5th day of August 1962 in Homer rooted in Alaska. This is to mean that as of 2019, the gentleman will be waiting to celebrate his 57th birthday. Though his weight is not provided, it is apparent that the man stands of an amazing height of 6 feet.

Image of Johnathan Hillstrand height is $6 Feet

Johnathan Hillstrand height is $6 Feet

Concerning his nationality, the fisherman is an American, and about his ethnicity, the man is white. He is an NHRA and NASCAR enthusiast. Inviting him for a match featuring the Dallas Cowboy would be a good idea as this is a number one fan of the team.

As for his parents, this TV personality is one of the proud sons of his mother and John Sr. Hillstrand. His mother is the first wife of his father. Out of the five children of his father, he is the second born. The first born David is presently working at the North Slope in Alaska. His other brother Andy features on the Deadliest Catch.

Johnathan’s second last brother is called Michael, and currently, he works in the Medical field in Georga. His youngest brother goes by the name Neal.

Image of Fisherman, Jonathan Hillstrand

Fisherman, Johnathan Hillstrand

His stepmother Nancy has blessed the star and his biological brothers with one more sibling identifying as Lincoln Brewster. Professionally, his stepbrother is a Contemporary Christian Musician.

With regards to his education, the veteran fisherman not much is known. It is only said that after completing high school, he took fishing seriously.

Career and Early Life

He is probably among the people who began their career at a relatively younger age as his career, though not on a professional level, began while he was only aged 3. At this age, however, he didn’t do anything constructive other than accompanying his father John Senior to the sea.

By the time he was only seven years old, he was already doing fishing on his own. Ten years later, he decided to venture into commercial fishing.

Since he now knew, he, alongside his brother Andy Hillstrand took it upon themselves to co-captain their 113 feet F/V Time Bandit family boat designed by their father in 1991. On a more precise level, the star ended up being the captain of the fishing vessel during the King Crab hunting season.

His brother, on the other hand, is the captain during the Opilio Crab Fishing season. It is also recorded that for around eight years, Johnathan Hillstrand had been engaged in lobster fishing.

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Concerning his television career, he became a cast of the Deadliest Catch series during its second season. Recently during the 13th season of the series, he bid farewell to his fishing television career through announcing his retirement. Speculations are that he still does fishing off the camera because, during the summer period, he engages in Salmon fishing.

Johnathan Hillstrand Net Worth

Johnathan Hillstrand’s net worth as of end 2018 is estimated to being around $2.2 million. His salary, however, remains unknown. Sources have it that besides commercial fishing, Johnathan Hillstrand’s net worth comes from other businesses including but not limited to Time Bandit production, Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit entertainment, Time Bandit Gear Store and Time Bandit Spirit. The star also has a book titled Time Bandit which is about his fishing journey with his brother.

Image of TV actor, Johnathon Hillstrand net worth is $2.2 million

Deadliest Catch cast Johnathon Hillstrand net worth is $2.2 million

Johnathan Hillstrand Married to a Wife. Meet his Children.

Besides his career, the gentleman also has a family life, and yes he is a married man. Heather Hamilton who currently goes by the name Heather Hillstrand happens to be Johnathan Hillstrand’s wife. They have not been married for long as the two only walked down the aisle on 6th November 2017.

The duo had been in a serious relationship for a while. Initially, though, the star had already been married. The identity of Johnathan Hillstrand’s first wife remains anonymous.

Image of Johnathan Hillstrand with his wife Heather Hamilton

Johnathan Hillstrand with his wife, Heather Hamilton

Before divorcing with his first wife, they had sired two children. One of his sons called Scott Hillstrand is all grown up and has made the star a grandfather as he has a son called Sawyer. Just like him, his son is also into fishing. He, at some point, even worked at Time Bandit before his uncle Andy Hillstrand fired him.

Presently, Scott Hillstrand oversees the Hillstrand Construction Company. His other son is called Tae Hillstrand, and basically, no information about him has been conveyed to the media as of this date.

Johnathan Hillstrand Injury Updates

Sometime back in 2015, a lawsuit was filed against Johnathan Hillstrand for involvements in David Beaver Zielinski injury. The lawsuit was triggered by a 2013 incident whereby Beaver, while he was working on the Time Bandit deckhand, got his hand blown up by some fireworks.

According to the accuser, Johnathan Hillstrand wanted to make it appear as if the crabs caused the incident; a statement Johnathan confirmed. Early 2018, the jury gave their verdict that Johnathan Hillstrand’s should pay a compensation of $1.35 million to David Beaver Zielinski.

Quick Facts about Johnathan Hillstrand

Name Johnathan Hillstrand
Age (2019) 57
Birthdate August 5, 1962
Birthplace Homer, Alaska
Father John Senior



Nancy Hillstrand

Siblings 5
Wife Heather Hamilton
Children 2
Career Retired commercial fisher
Net worth $2.2 million
Weight Not Known
Height 6 feet

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