Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wikipedia, Prison, Crash, Net Worth, Real Name, Wife, Children

JJ Da Boss is a muscle car lover and an underground racer. For those who have closely interacted with him, JJ has been described as a person who is deeply in love with thrilling speed. The adrenaline that comes with racing cars is something that JJ has found it difficult to do without. In the field of car races, JJ has a very long career, spanning almost three decades.

However, JJ became famous due to the role he played on the television series Street Outlaws: Memphis. Besides making appearances on the screens, JJ also has other success sprinkled all over the place.

Learn more about this street racer from Street Outlaws, JJ Da Boss’s wiki, car crash, and family. Also, find out the reason behind JJ Da Boss’s prison, wife, children, and net worth.

JJ Da Boss Married Life With Wife, Tricia Day, And Children

JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day. She is nicknamed ‘Midget.’ There are no available pieces of information regarding JJ’s relationship life before the fame and the money. The age of her wife, Tricia, is not known either. Moreover, no member of the public can tell when the two started dating.

Image of JJ Da Boss with his wife Tricia Day

JJ Da Boss with his wife, Tricia Day

However, it can be confidently said that JJ and Tricia have known each other for the past twenty years, with a marriage that has lasted for ten years. It, therefore, means that the lovebirds dated for ten years straight before tying the knot. All the same, it is still not known how the wedding looked like exactly as there are no pictures to show anything.

Over the years, the marriage has been blessed with eleven children. However, there are also those sources which say that the number of children could be thirteen. JJ and Tricia have five grandchildren. The names of the children and the grandchildren are yet to be known.

Is JJ Da Boss Dating Precious Cooper? Relationship Explained!

Most members of the public have come to believe that JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper are lovers. However, the truth is that JJ is happily married to his wife Tricia and is yet to have any extramarital scandal. All that can be said about Cooper and JJ is that they are the best of friends. Cooper takes JJ as a mentor. JJ has over the time managed to successfully orientate Cooper into the industry of car racing.

In a racing field which has been traditionally dominated by men, Cooper, through the motivation of her mentor JJ, has managed to perform equally well. She has on certain occasions beaten even the men. Overall, whatever is between JJ and Cooper is nothing beyond a mentor-mentee relationship.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth and Salary

From the estimates of the reliable sources, the net worth of JJ plays somewhere around $1 million. However, the amount of money that JJ earns at the end of every episode is not known. JJ has made the greater portion of his wealth as a car racer and a car expert. With the opportunity to appear on the screens, JJ managed to top-dress his wealth base. That JJ’s career is yet to see its sunset days only means that his net worth will keep getting higher.

Image of Street Outlaws cast JJ Da Boss net worth is $1 million

Street Outlaws cast JJ Da Boss net worth is $1 million

How old is JJ Da Boss? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Born on the 10th of August 1973, JJ Da Boss is presently 45 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 10th of August of every year.

Wikipedia, Bio. JJ Da Boss Real Name

JJ Da Boss real name is Jonathan Day. He was born in Memphis, Tennesse in one of the local hospitals named St. Joseph Hospital. The early of days of JJ has over the time remained a mystery.

Why Did JJ Da Boss Go To Prison? His Car Crash Updates

At some point, JJ was in prison for eight years. The nature of his felonies is yet to be revealed to the public. Once JJ was done with the prison sentence, he began his life all over again, fixing and selling old cars. In as much as JJ argued before the courts that the crimes he committed were meant to help him raise enough money to modify his cars, he was still not sufficiently justified.

Image of JJ Da Boss from Street Outlaws car crash

JJ Da Boss from Street Outlaws car crash

On his way to Arkansas, JJ dozed off and hit a culvert. His car ended up badly wrecked. The car landed in a ditch and JJ had to deal with a broken hand and limb. Moreover, he had to deal with a couple of bruises and cuts. Fortunately, the accident broke JJ’s right arm; he is left-handed. JJ is currently still under medication. He is expected to recover fully in due course.

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