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Troy Adam Landry was born on June 9, 1960, in Louisiana, USA. He is a renowned American alligator hunter, and he incorporated his work into the TV platform and became a reality TV icon. He is featured in a series dubbed Swamp People that airs on the History Channel.

His family has had a long history of living in the Louisiana Swamps. His fame made him be incorporated in the Choot’Em Angry Swamp which is a mobile App. Troy has never revealed about his family and background, and thus nothing is known about them. Learn about Troy Landry net worth, salary, and age. Also get to know about Troy Landry wife, married life, and son updates.

Troy Landry Net Worth and Salary. How much Troy Landry makes per episode?

Troy is also known as the King of Swamp because of his daredevil kind of work. Very few people would be confident to undertake such a task, but he does not fear. He is known for his inspirational quotes that change peoples’ lives positively. Troy Landry net worth is $2 million, and he earns a whopping $25 thousand per episode.

Image of Troy Adam Landry net worth is $2 million

Troy Adam Landry net worth is $2 million

It is quite interesting to see how he does his activities, and that is why his alligator hunting qualified to be featured in a reality show. His skills are not learned in any school or college, but they are passed down from one generation to another in his family line. He inherited this alligator hunting techniques from his relatives of the previous generation before him. He set a record of catching 82 alligators in one day, and it made his fame to shoot up acutely.

Troy Landry married to Wife and Children

Troy is a family man, and he is married to Bernita Landry. The couple tied the knot on September 26, 1981 – probably after dating him for some time. They have stuck together and remained a homogenous item all through without staggering along the way. She was born on July 16, 1958, and she went to Patterson High School.

Image of Troy Adam Landry with his wife Bernita Landry

Troy Adam Landry with his wife, Bernita Landry

Afterward, she worked for Patterson State Bank as a teller from 1975-1981. Later, Bernita worked at Pierre Part Elementary School as a paraprofessional educator since 1995. The couple has sired three sons called Jacob Adam Landry, Chase M. Landry, and Brandon C. Hotard. All of them have been featured in Swamp People Reality Show. He is fully contented with his wife, and they are faithful to one another. There are no rumors of cheating among them, and Troy is sexually straight.

Troy Landry son’s death rumors

There could be rumors about Landry’s son death, due to the kind of risky activities that he does. However, that is not true, and none of his sons has died or got injured.

How old is Troy Landry? Age and Birthdate

Troy Landry, Swamp People star was born on June 9, 1960, in Louisiana, USA. Troy is of white ethnicity, tall and he was born into a family of alligator hunters. He was born to Duffy Landry and his wife Myrtle Landry, and his brothers are Guy and Bubba Landry. Currently, Troy is 58 years old, and he is ferrying on quite comfortably with his wife and career.

Wiki-bio, Career info

Troy Landry is a married man and love knows no boundaries because, against the norm, he married a wife who is slightly older than him. His background information is not available, but he acquired his alligator hunting skills from his family. This is like a tradition that has entrenched in his family, and he did not help but follow suit according to what he found them doing. He even amplified it from being just a normal economic activity to an activity that has enabled him to scale the heights of a TV show.

Consequently, he earns handsomely and it is evidenced by his net worth. It is not known when he started alligator hunting, but he debuted his TV career in 2009: after shunning the media crew for some time; until when his wife embraced their idea. Since then, he has been casting that reality show that has brought him a lot of money.

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