Is Chase Chrisley gay? Find out if he’s dating anyone

Funny, caring and definitely a little crazy just like his dad, Chase Chrisley is more popular than his father Todd on the reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Looking for a wiki on Chase Chrisley? Get to know if the reality star is actually gay, his parents, and more.   

Is Chase Chrisley gay?

Chase Chrisley is a good looking young lad, who has been attracting people’s attention with his good looks. He was dating the Instagram star Brooke Noury for quite a good span of time before breaking up in October 2015.

Chase Chrisley girlfriend Broke Nowry

Chase Chrisley and Broke Nowry hanging out together


Chase Chrisley now has been very silent regarding his dating life. Moreover, he has not presented a girlfriend publicly, which is why he is often speculated to rather have his sexual inclination towards men rather than women.

Chase Chrisley Wiki

Chase Chrisley was born in June 17, 1996. He rose to fame on the USA Network reality television series Chrisley Knows Best. Chase Chrisley is known as ‘The Favorite’ of the TV show.

With 492k followers on Facebook, 288k on Twitter and a massive 851k followers on Instagram, Chase is a reality television star and a social media personality at the age of 21. Chase also had a podcast show named ‘The Chase Christy Podcast’ for some time. The Chrisley knows best cast consists of Chrisley family. Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley have four more Chrisley kids – Grayson, Savannah, Lindsie and Kyle besides Chase.

Chase Chrisley smiling on great outfit

Chase Chrisley

Labeled the most down-to-earth person besides his mother, Chase is a mischief-maker among Todd Chrisley’s children. It is because of this reason that father, Todd Chrisley, keeps a watchful eye on him.

Chase trying to outsmart Todd and causing trouble is what makes the family more dynamic and the show much more enjoyable to the audience.

Keeping up the bad boy image, Chase Chrisley made a large Biblical tattoo, in 2016, that caused his father Todd go into a meltdown.

Todd promised to give Chase a Range Rover in exchange that he have the tattoo removed. He had to undergo 13 treatments to remove the tattoo.

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