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If you have been catching up with All Girls Garage, then you must be familiar with the name Cristy Lee. She is among the cast members of this show, and apart from this, she is also famous for owning various appearance on different shows on the velocity channel. Well, today you get to explore much of her life outside of television. For instance, through this article, you will understand Cristy Lee’s boyfriend and dating life. Also unveil important details through this piece such as her age, weight, height, body measurements and family. Before going ahead to disclose these details, how about we begin with unveiling Cristy Lee’s net worth?

Cristy Lee Net Worth and Salary

Cristy Lee’s net worth emanates from various sources, but her primary source of income is her television career more so her appearance in All Girls Garage. Before becoming popular because of the TV show, she used to work as a small-time mechanic. From here, she started appearing in sports shows as a sports host after which she joined the modeling industry which was the beginning of her stardom.

Given her career highlights, you are not wrong if you think that Cristy Lee’s net worth is substantial. According to Celebrity gossip, the star pockets a net worth of around $13 million. This does not come as a shock due to the huge salaries she attains on a monthly basis. Rumors indicate that from all Girls Garage alone, she earns a salary of $56,534. Also, Cristy Lee’s net worth was expected to be that much because she had been in the industry for nearly 15 years now.

Image of Mechanic, Cristy Lee net worth is $13 million

All Girls Garage Mechanic, Cristy Lee net worth is $13 million

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Size

The queen has a gorgeous body measuring 32-23-32 inches. About her height, she enjoys a cute height of 5 feet and 2 inches. Details about Christy Lee weight are not known but judging from her pictures; you can easily tell that she is relatively slender.

Cristy Lee Dating or Married to a Husband?

When you take a close look at her middle fingers in one of her photos, you will notice that it has a ring attached. If this is the reason why you think that the lady is married, then, you are wrong. The lady has no husband, and no you cannot talk of Cristy Lee’s boyfriend. This is because the lady is still single. Affirming this as true as true was her response to a twitter follower who seemed curious about knowing Cristy Lee’s boyfriend.

Image of Cristy Lee is currently single

Cristy Lee is currently single

The star responded stating that she prefers leaving her personal life out of the media. This is a clear indication that she could be single otherwise she could have admitted that she is dating.  There are no details of her previous relationship, and this does not mean that she is a lesbian. The lady is a heterosexual-only that she prefers giving priority to her career. However, keep it here in case we happen to have solid information about Cristy Lee’s boyfriend and hopefully her eventual husband. Until that happens; the queen is single which means that some of the men here can try their luck.

How old is Christy Lee? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

As of 2018, Cristy Lee’s age is 41 years. This is because she celebrates her birthday on the 21st day of October each year and her exact birth year was 1977 in Daytona Beach rooted in Florida in the United States of America. However, she does not look anything like 41, and we assume that this is because of she either workout or because she considers taking healthy meals and diets. Whatever she is doing to maintain such a great body and beauty at her age, it is doing well to her, and she should tell the fans the secret.

Wiki, Bio

The 41-year-old is the proud daughter of Barry MacCoy and Jean MacCoy. She is a native of Huntsville, Texas. By nationality, she is an American and categorizes in the white ethnicity. She seems to be an only child as there is no mention of her siblings anywhere and she does not post and talk about them as much as she does with her parents. According to her wiki, she attended her college education at Daytona State Beach rooted in Florida.

Cristy Lee Velocity Channel

All Girls Garage is not the only program that the star features in on Velocity channel. In 2015, Christy was chosen to be among the host of the show Barrett-Jackson LIVE which airs on Velocity Network. This has seen her net worth increasingly massively. If the network continues favoring her like it already does, there is a high possibility that in the next couple of years the lady’s salary, as well as salary, will have increased by a large margin.

Quick facts about Cristy Lee

Name Cristy Lee
Age 41
Birthdate October 21, 1997
Birthplace Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Mechanic
Salary $56,543
Net worth $13 million
Husband None
Boyfriend None
Children None
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight Not Known
Body measurements 32-23-32

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