Jennifer Williams Net Worth, Age, Mother, Wiki-Bio

Jennifer Williams is an ex-wife and former cast member of  VHI’s reality show “Basketball Wives,” a show that revolves around prominent basketballers and their wives. Apart from being a reality TV personality, Jennifer is also an entrepreneur, the owner of flirty girls fitness and founder of Lucid cosmetics. In this article, learn about Jennifer’s net worth, her age, her mother, her husband and wiki bio.

Jennifer was born on September 17, 1974, in South Orange, New Jersey where she grew up. Jennifer Williams is 44 years old. Jennifer Williams attended the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in political science.

She met professional basketballer Erick William in 2000, they fell in love and dated for six years before tying the knot in 2007. Unfortunately, their marriage was not a happily ever after as they began divorce proceedings in 2010 and got divorced later on.

Jennifer Williams Parents And Family

Jennifer has kept information about her family under wraps. All we know is that Jennifer William’s mother died of cancer in 2015 and she has a sister.

Jennifer Williams Marriage And Divorce

If you are a lover of basketball, you probably know Eric Williams, Jennifer Williams former husband. Jennifer and Erick met in 2000 while Jennifer was in her real estate business. The two dated for six years and got married in the Bahamas in 2007.

Image of Jennifer Williams with her husband Eric Williams

Jennifer Williams with her husband, Eric Williams

The happily ever after was not the case for this couple, theirs was a tense marriage coupled with claims of cheating. It was even said that Erick had a child outside marriage. Things got so bad between Jennifer and Eric that at one point Erick threw a glass of water at Jennifer right in front of the cameras claiming to be exorcizing demons in her. This happened during the second episode of basketball wives season 2.

With just three years into the marriage, the two both filed for divorce in 2010. Jennifer Williams wanted  30 million dollars from the settlement; she even hired a lawyer to help her achieve it. Instead, she was awarded  14 million dollars.E rick said that she was a gold digger.

Jennifer Williams Bio and other facts

Jennifer was born in  South Orange, New Jersey on 17 September 1974; this is where she grew up. Jennifer Williams went to the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in political science.

The star came into the limelight after joining the reality TV show basketball wives that aires on VH1. She was dropped from the show during its fourth season because she was asking for too much money. Before becoming famous, Jennifer was in real estate business since 2005. It was during one of her real estate business errands that she met Erick William, a professional basketballer, in 2000. Erick married her in 2007 but they divorced shortly after, in 2010, amid claims of infidelity. After her divorce, Jennifer dated Cisco Rosado in 2013, but this too did not last long, they broke up a year later.

Image of Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives show

Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives show

Jennifer Williams is very popular on social media. She commands a massive following of 65,000 on Twitter and 900,000 on Instagram.

Not only is Jenniffer a reality tv personnel, but she is also an entrepreneur, apart from her real estate business, she is the founder of Classy Girl Wardrobe. She also owns Lucid cosmetics and flirty girls. She is also a co-founder of a project called save the world. Currently, Jennifer William hosts a show dubbed in the kitchen with David that is aired on QUV channel.

Jennifer William’s Kids

Jennifer did not have any kid with Erick. Neither did she get a child with any other man. She does not have any kids known to the public.

Jennifer Williams Net Worth

There is no doubt that with all the things Jennifer is involved with, she has been able to amass a huge fortune for herself. She appeared in basketball wives, a reality tv show until its fourth season.

She also owns a real estate business that she started in 2005. Jennifer is the founder of classy girls wardrobe, owns Lucid cosmetics and flirty girls. In addition to these, she co-founded a project called, Save the world.

Jennifer Williams is a tv host too, she hosts, in the kitchen with David, a show that is aired on QUV channel.

Image of TV Personality, Jennifer Williams net worth is $25 million

TV Personality, Jennifer Williams net worth is $25 million

She got fourteen million dollars as a settlement. All of these sources have made her rich.  Jennifer Williams net worth is $ 25 million.

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