Donna From ‘Black Ink Crew’ Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Relationship.

Black Ink Crew is a dramatic series that airs on VH1 channel. Every starring member is as dramatic as the show. Donna Lombardi is not an exception to this drama.

Talk about on and off love affairs and straight-talking shouting matches; Donna is a queen you will love to keep watching. Keep reading to learn more about her age, net worth, real name, and relationships.


Donna Lombardi is a famous reality TV personality. She was not famous until she featured in the VH1 channel show Black Ink Crew. She is a skilled tattoo artist, piercer and a cosmetologist who inks very creative tattoos. Her boldness on the show is what has gotten her the publicity she now has. Donna has had wild intimate relations on the show.

Image of Donna Lombardi from Black Ink Crew show

Donna Lombardi from Black Ink Crew show

She boasts of over 1 million followers on her Instagram page.

Donna Lombardi from ‘Black Ink Crew’ Net Worth:$250,000.

Donna gets her net worth from being a well-known tattoo artist, body piercer, and cosmetologist who earns a great deal of money from her gigs. She is also deriving a salary from the Harlem tattoo parlor where she is employed.

As per the Payscale website, an average salary for a tattoo artist is $31,004 per annum while a cosmetologist earns $25,000 per year. This could, therefore, mean that Lombardi may be bagging a salary range of $50K-$100K per year.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Donna Lombardi net worth is $25,000

Black Ink Crew cast Donna Lombardi net worth is $25,000

Her role in the cast for Blank Ink Crew show is also making her an income that is contributing to her net worth. She has been part of the show since the 3rd season in 2015. Donna joined the shop as an apprentice, but she went on to be one of the highest earning artists.

Donna Lombardi has net worth is $250,000.

Donna Black Ink Crew Relationship and Spouse.

Donna was married to his boyfriend Maxwell in 2016. Donna and Maxwell had been dating for a year when Donna declared him to be her future husband. They led a somewhat astonishing lifestyle which led them to have a wedding in prison. This amazed many people as very few people would dare do that.

Image of Donna Lombardi with her ex husband Maxwell

Donna Lombardi with her ex-husband, Maxwell

Donna has a very large following on Instagram that she loves updating about her personal life. On her birthday in 2015, she treated her fans with flashy photos of herself and Maxwell enjoying her birthday. Another notable and popular post on her Instagram profile is on the day she got a proposal to get married in May 2015. Her profile went abuzz with the photo of their marriage in prison. Fans from all walks of life congratulated them, while others criticized her on the other hand. Their marriage didn’t last for long, and they divorced.

It is recorded that before she started dating Maxwell, Donna had a fling with two of her colleagues on Black Ink Crew. She is said to have had on and off love triangles with Teddy and O’Sh*t.

She is now dating a new boyfriend named Mohamed nicknamed Mo. 

In December 2017, Donna revealed to VH1 News that her ex-husband, Maxwell who was still in prison was threatening her because of dating her new boyfriend, Mo. She reported having received a threatening call from Maxwell.

While all this was happening, Donna was harboring more pain and mental stress from a miscarriage she had undergone. She had experienced what they call an ectopic pregnancy in medical terms. This is a pregnancy that happens in the fallopian tube instead of the usual uterus location. She had to undergo a surgery that ended up damaging one of her fallopian tubes and uterus, which were removed. She ended up losing her much-awaited baby and this caused her torturous stress.

Image of Doanna currently dating with her new boyfriend named Mohamed nicknamed Moe

Donna currently dating with her new boyfriend named Mohamed nicknamed Moe

Donna said that she was receiving a lot of support from her fiancé, Mohamed. He was by her side and gave her encouraging words during the time she was undergoing that stressful episode in her life. After all the hard times their relationship has grown stronger. There are no reports yet of any plans for a marriage shortly.

Donna from Black Ink Crew, Age, Real Name, Parents,

Donna Lombardi’s full name is Taylor Monet Pinkney. Donna is only 26 years having been born on September 20th, 1992. She holds American citizenship, with a black ethnicity. There is little or no information on the names of her parents and siblings. It is not very clear where she schooled and what level of education she has achieved.

Full name Taylor Monet Pinkney
Nickname Donna
Date of birth (age) September 20, 1992 (26)
Birthplace Cleveland
Salary $153,000 (Approx.)
Mother Known
Father Not known
Ethnicity/Race Black
Career Tattoo artist
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced
Children None
Ex-husband Maxwell (m. 2016) (Ex.)
Boyfriend Mohamad
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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