Is Jackie Evancho Dating her boyfriend? Know about her sister and Family.

Achieving stardom at a very young age can make a lot of things difficult in one’s personal life but singer Jackie Evancho deals with it all without breaking a sweat. She has risen to fame faced controversies and supported her sister and still manages to have a dating life. Find out more interesting fact about the teen star below like who her boyfriend is and what her family life is like.

Jackie Evancho Opens Up About Dating:

Jackie Evancho is definitely an artist to watch out for. After making her debut at just 10 years of age and that was 7 years ago. Now she is setting up to be a pop star but what about her dating life. Jackie values her privacy more than anything and seldom speaks about her dating life. However, she recently opened up about her boyfriend.

Jackie Evancho Debut

Jackie Evancho debut performance at “The voice of an angle” when she was 10.


In two separate interviews with People, she opened up about dating and her boyfriend. At first on 5th April when she was asked about if balancing her career and personal life which includes her dating life is hard. She answered by saying it wasn’t hard if you are dating the right person and she in fact right now has a lovely boyfriend. On the second interview with her sister Juliet, she was again asked about her dating life. It was her sister this time who replied affirmatively. She further added that Jackie’s current boyfriend was very sweet and her former boyfriend had broken it off with her over Snapchat.

We did a little detective work and found nothing on Jackie’s Instagram profile. However, we did find a picture of Jackie’s mystery boyfriend in her sister Juliette’s profile.

Jackie Evancho Sister and Net Worth:

Jackie Evancho has been very active in terms of her career and has slowly progressed since she ended up as the runner up on the 5th season of ‘AGT’. Her very first official album with Columbia Records EP called ‘O Holy Night’ and went on to become the youngest artist with a Platinum-selling album.  The album ranked number 1 in the Billboard’s end-year classics 2011. Her second album ‘Dream With Me’ also made number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and number 1 on the Billboard’s Classical Album Chart.

Her 2014 album ‘Awakening’ also became a huge success and invoke her concert tour. She has done a lot of songs as well as performances that further contribute to her net worth. Some of her best songs are ‘House of Flying Daggers’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Ombra Mai Fu’. All of her accomplishments play a role in her staggering net worth of nearly 4 million dollars.

Jackie Evancho at Adrienne Arsht Center during her concert.

Source: Pinterest

Jackie Evancho has had almost a perfect career but she recently had to deal with flames. Her controversial performance was that she accepted the invitation to sing the national anthem for the inauguration of Donald Trump. Later in an interview with her sister Juliet who is a transgender, she spoke about it saying it was not just to represent a single person but an opportunity for herself and her family. Her sister was also part of the interview where she answered about her transgender background. For her transgender meant having the right mind but the wrong body, she was physically a boy but felt right being a girl.

Jackie Evancho Bio:

JachEvancho was born on 9th April 2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. She was born to parents Michael and Lisa Evancho as their second child. Her siblings include her transgender sister Juliet, her younger brother and sister Zachary and Rachel. She was raised in her Catholic family and attended Pine Richland High School.

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