How much is Donnie Wahlberg worth? Know his wife, kids, measurement

How familiar are you with the films Bullet, Saw II, The Sixth Sense and Blue Bloods? If your answer is too much, it is apparent that you are also familiar with Donnie Wahlberg. Today, this article saves you the hustle of guessing on critical aspects of the life of this gentleman. This is because the article will be addressing Donnie Wahlberg’s wife and children and the gay rumours. Also, the piece will further disclose Donnie Wahlberg’s net worth and his career journey. We will also look at his measurements. His weight and height. Sounds interesting right? Let’s get started then.


Formally known as Donald Edmond Wahlberg Junior, Donnie Wahlberg is the proud son of Alma Wahlberg and Donald Edmond Wahlberg Senior who divorced in 1982. His father who died in 2008 was a teamster and his mother served as a bank clerk. They were able to bless him with a total of 8 siblings where 5 are girls and 3 are boys. These eight siblings identify as Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Mark, Tracey, Michelle, and Debbie Wahlberg.

The star is an American belonging to the mixed ethnicity of English, Irish, Swedish, Scottish and French-Canadian. As of 2019, he is waiting to celebrate his 50th birthday as he was born on 17th day of August 1969 in Boston rooted in Massachusetts in the United States of America. As for his education, he attended William Monroe Trotter School. Besides this, he also an alumnus of Copley High School.

Body measurements

Donnie Wahlberg enjoys a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. As for his weight, he weighs 82 kilograms. To add on this, the gentleman has been blessed with light brown hair and dark brown eye color. Now let us go into his agree now that we know enough about the star.

Image of Donnie Wahlberg height is 5 feet and 10 inches

Donnie Wahlberg height is 5 feet and 10 inches


The star is a singer, film producer, and an actor. In relation to singing, he has a band titled New Kids Block which has been successful in releasing a variety of albums since its initiation. Among the albums the band has released include Step By Step, New Kids on the Block, Face the music,10, The Block, Thankful, and Hangin Tough.

With regards to his acting career, the gentleman has been able to make appearances in various movies and television series. Among these series include Bullet of 1996. Here, he featured bearing the identity Big Balls.  He has also made appearances in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Ransom and Black Circle Boys. 

Image of Radio Personality, Donnie Wahlberg

Radio Personality, Donnie Wahlberg

As a producer, he is recognized for the production of 6 movies. Also, he is the director of some other 4 movies. Two of his works have managed to gain nomination at the Primetime Emmy Awards. In addition to this, he also has People’s Choice Award Nominations and ACCA Awards nomination. To sum it all up, he has a total of 5 nominations to his name.

Other than his normal line of career, the celebrity is passionate about charity work. Particularly, he engages in supporting a facility that is dedicated to offering treatment to people afflicted with autism. The facility is known as Generation Rescue.

Net worth

As evidence from the previous section, Donnie Wahlberg does not rely on one career to make his income. They emerge from various careers which automatically suggests that Donnie Wahlberg’s net worth is quite substantial. According to the recent reports, although his annual salary yet to be conveyed, Donnie Wahlberg’s net worth is $20 million. 

Image of Singer, Donnie Wahlberg net worth is $20 million

Singer, Donnie Wahlberg net worth is $20 million

Donnie Wahlberg wife and children.

To all who were hoping that he is single, sorry to inform you that the gentleman is married. Presently, Donnie Wahlberg’s wife identifies as Jenny McCarthy. She is professionally an actress. The duo exchanged vows on the 31st day of August 2014. So far, they have not been any relationship scandals between them which means that they are enjoying a happy married life.

Image of Donnie Wahlberg with his wife Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg with his wife Jenny McCarthy

Before meeting and marrying Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg’s wife was Kimberly Fey. The two got married on 20th August 1999. Their marriage was however short-lived as they officially separated on 28th September 2010. Despite their separation, they have Xavier Alexander Wahlberg and Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg. From the surnames of these two identified names, you can tell that the two are related to the star. To be precise, these are the children born of the love between Donnie Wahlberg and his ex-wife.

Image of Donnie Wahlberg with his wife Jenny McCarthy and his son Evan

Donnie Wahlberg with his wife Jenny McCarthy and his son Evan

Besides these two women, Aubrey O’Day is another lady who has the opportunity of becoming Donnie Wahlberg’s wife. This is because reports have it that these two had an intimate relationship some time back. However, their relationship was never as serious as the other two as it never proceeded into marriage.


Donnie Wahlberg is an America actor, singer, and film producer. His wife is Jenny McCarthy.  She is an actress.

Quick Facts about Donnie Wahlberg

Name Donald Edmond Wahlberg Junior
Age 50
Birthdate 17.08.1969
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Career Actor, singer, film producer
Net worth $20 million
Wife Jenny McCarthy
Children 2
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 82 kgs

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