Everything to know about The Last Alaskans star Heimo Korth – Married life and net worth details

Heimo Korth is one of the leading cast of Discovery Channel’s reality TV show, The Last Alaskans. The eccentric and energetic man, who has been living far from civilization for over four decades, has become a TV star because of his lifestyle. This has led many people to wonder about his family lived in the mountains. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

Heimo Korth short bio: Age, nationality and early life details

Korth is an American outdoorsman who has been living in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge since he was a teenager. He was born on April 17, 1955.

In his early days, he lived a blue-collar life as a welder in Wisconsin. He decided to leave the city comforts during his teenage and went to live in the mountains. Since then he has never looked back, even in the hardest of the days.

Heimo Korth

Heimo Korth and wife Edna lost their first daughter in the mountains

Korth is a married man. He is married to a Yupik Eskimo named Edna. The couple has been each other’s greatest support in life. They are the last year-round residents and a few of the last of their kind left in Arctic Alaska. The Korths have three daughters as of now.

Heimo and Edna had their first baby, a daughter, on May 29, 1982. They named her Coleen Ann Korth after the Coleen River. Before Coleen, Edna had a daughter named Millie from her previous marriage. Millie lived with Edna and Heimo after her parents separated and she was very close to her half-sister.

In 1984, an unfortunate incident took Coleen’s life. It was only five days past her second birthday when she drowned in a river accident. The Korths never recovered her body, but Heimo constructed a cross to serve as a gravestone for his baby. On the gravestone, he carved “Coleen Ann Korth 5/29/82. Died 6/3/84.” The couple carried the cross to the top of a small peak and placed it there.

Following Coleen’s death, many of their friends and relatives insisted them to return. However, they declined the proposal saying that leaving the place behind would be like leaving Coleen behind. The couple petitioned the Board of Geographic Names to have an unnamed peak designated as Coleen Ann Mountain, but the board did not accept their proposal saying that Coleen was of “no historical significance.”

Heimo Korth with wife Edna and their children

Heimo Korth with wife Edna and their children

Heimo and Edna had two daughters later – Rhonda and Krin. The youngest of all, Krin, is a firefighter and she is married to Scott, who is a Marine stationed in Jacksonville, NC. Apparently, Heimo has two grandchildren (one girl and one boy) at present.

How much is Heimo Korth’s net worth?

Korth caught the attention of the audience for the first time in 2015 when The Last Alaskans season 1 premiered on Animal Planet. The show has been airing on Discovery Channel since its second season.

The Korth’s adventurous life has not only made him a TV star but a subject of various documentaries and a book as well. He appeared in a TV movie called Braving Alaska in 1992 and in a documentary called Surviving Alone in Alaska in 2009. He is also the subject of James Campbell’s book, The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness, which released in 2004.

Heimo’s ventures must have helped him in accumulating an impressive fortune. However, details of his net worth have not been revealed.

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