All about Greta Van Susteren net worth, plastic surgery, and personal life

Today’s spotlight falls upon one of the world’s most powerful women, Greta Van Susteren. Van Susteren is one of America’s most famous news anchors and commentators. She first made herself noticed during the well known O.J. Simpson murder trial. During that period, she often appeared on CNN as a legal analyst. Since then, she has built an impressive career in television. After covering the O.J. Simpson almost on a daily basis, she co-hosted ‘Burden of Proof’ and ‘The Point’. The 62 years old journalist and philanthropist is recognized worldwide, having admirers and critics as well. Back in 2002, the public eyes were all looking at Van Susteren, as she’d had plastic surgery. We’ll talk about her plastic surgery and compare some before and after photos. In addition, we’ll take a look at the journalist’s net worth, annual salary, and married life.

Greta’s plastic surgery

While many celebrities who undergo plastic surgery prefer to not talk about this in public, Van Susteren was pretty open about it. First of all, she had a blepharoplasty, commonly known as an eye-lift. She said that her decision to have plastic surgery was impulsive. During a month off, she randomly asked her husband, John Coale, who she married in 1988 if he thinks she should ‘get rid of the bags under her eyes’. Her husband was a bit confused by the question, as they had never talked about plastic surgery before. Nevertheless, they soon got informed about the implications of plastic surgery. Only three days later, they were talking to a surgeon, and Greta decided to do it. Needless to say, the journalist’s appearance improved after the surgery.

Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren before and after plastic surgery

Many people said that Greta chose plastic surgery as a career move, as she was about to start working for Fox News. Despite that, she stated that she underwent plastic surgery only to do something for herself. Whatever the reason, the results were great, as it can be seen while comparing before and after photos. There are also rumors that she used botox and fillers, as well.

Next up, let’s see what her net worth and salary are.

Van Susteren’s net worth and salary

The journalist has an estimated net worth of $35 million. This massive net worth is generated by her salary as a newscaster and host. Greta Van Susteren started building her net worth in 1991. First, she appeared on CNN as a legal analyst for the O.J. Simpson trial. In 1995, she became the host of CNN’s ‘Burden of Proof’, along with Roger Cossack. The show aired for 5 years. By the time it was canceled in 2001, Van Susteren’s net worth was already impressive. Her annual salary from that period is unknown. That same year, she started hosting her own show, ‘The Point’. However, it was canceled after one year. Shortly after this, Greta joined Fox News.

The journalist moved to Fox News in 2002. This change was highly publicized, as CNN and Fox were kind of in a contract bidding war. Upon joining Fox News, Greta’s annual salary and net worth increased considerably. In February 2002, she started hosting the ‘On The Record’ show. The show aired for almost 15 years. In September 2016, the journalist left Fox News. She currently works for MSNBC, where she hosts her own show, called ‘For the Record’. The show has a running time of 60 minutes and it first aired in January 2017.

To sum this up, the American journalist’s total net worth is about $35 million, while her annual salary is believed to be $1 million. Apart from her television career, she has also been the co-owner of a restaurant for 7 years.

Personal life

Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren landed at MSNBC.

Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954, in Appleton, Wisconsin. She was one of the three children of judge Urban Van Susteren and Margery. She graduated from Xavier High School in 1972. Four years later, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In 1979, she earned a J.D. degree from the Georgetown University Law Center.

Although she is married, Greta has no children yet. Her husband is John Coale, who also started as a journalist, but later graduated from law school. They have been married for 29 years, but they do not have any children. The two seem to enjoy their married life together, so if you’re here to read about any divorce rumors, it’s not the case.

If you want to be the first to find out about any future children or such, you can find Van Susteren on Twitter or Facebook.

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