Franchesca Ramsey’s husband Patrick Kondas has become a great support in her professional life

Franchesca Ramsey, popularly known on the internet as Chescaleigh, is a comedian, actress and YouTuber. She is also a writer, video blogger and hair stylist who has earned a huge fame, along with a huge net worth. Read on to know more about her.

Franchesca Ramsey is hosting a new show on MTV News

Formerly a contributor for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central, Ramsey is currently hosting a web series called Decoded on MTV News, where she discusses cultural issues and racism.

Franchesca Ramsey speaking at a public event.

Ramsey rose to fame in early 2012 after uploading the video, Sh*t White Girls Say…to Black Girls, which took the internet by storm. The video garnered over 1.5 million views in just one day and over 5 million views within less than a week. As of January 16, 2018, the video has already garnered over 12 million views. The video was the first big break in her six years as a YouTuber and it has been featured on ABC, MSNBC, The Daily Mail, the Anderson Cooper talk show, to name a few.

Ramsey has been handling two YouTube channels at present. She launched her first channel, chescaleigh, a comedy channel in May 2006, where she has over 247K subscribers. Likewise, her second channel, chescalocs, which started in December 2012 has already garnered over 95K subscribers. Her second channel is dedicated to offering tips and tricks about hairstyle ideas.

Franchesca Ramsey and husband Patrick Kondas co-host a weekly podcast

Ramsey has been married to Patrick Kondas, who is an attorney and an aspiring ukulele master. The couple completed their fourth year as a husband and wife on November 15, 2017, and are still going strong with their relationship.

Franchesca and her husband have been teaming up to host a weekly podcast called Last Name Basis, where they discuss things going in their lives as a married couple, along with some news from around the world.

Franchesca Ramsey and her husband Patrick Kondas on their wedding day.

Franchesca Ramsey with her husband Patrick Kondas

Franchesca, who has been speaking on various subjects, including using social media responsibly, had been hated by some people on social media for marrying a white man.

She was alleged to have been ignorant to black people and their issues after marrying Patrick to which she responded as, “This is officially the last time I’m going to address this kind of foolishness. My husband’s race does not negate my blackness or mean that I’m self hating. And believe it or not, my online presence doesn’t mean you know me or what goes on in my life or relationship.”

“I am still black when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Nothing is going to change that, nor do I want that. My husband, (the amazing man that none of you Internet critics know) does not change that,” she continued and suggested people to put their energy into doing positive rather than wasting their time criticizing other. She added,”I know I make a difference and I’m proud of the work I do online and off. My husband being white does not change the positive impact I set out to and have made.”

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