Dr. Jeff Young Wife, Petra Mickova, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, and Wiki-bio

Dr. Jeff Young is a renowned and infamous American doctor and veterinarian, not to mention that he is Planned Pethood Plus owner. He has specialized in treating domestic, livestock, pets and many other animal species numbering thousands. Other than that, Dr. Jeff has a reality TV show dubbed Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain. To top it all, he is also a family man with a wife, children, and grandchildren who adore him as their elder.

Learn about Rocky Mountain Vet cast Dr. Jeff Young’s married life with wife, Dr. Petra Mickova, children, and family. Also get to know about this TV star career, net worth, and wiki-bio.

Dr. Jeff Young Wiki-bio

Dr. Jeffery Dale Young was born on April 14, 1956, in Indiana, USA. He is Caucasian, and his parents were both American. His stepfather was an army man while his mother was Esther Stevens. He was raised together with animals in their farm, and during his childhood, his family ploughed their farm, grew crops and also churned butter.

Dr. Jeff developed a passion for animals, and he would always free injured animals and take them home as pets. He was admitted in Rantoul High School, but he traveled a lot together with his stepfather due to his military job. After graduating from high school, Jeff proceeded to Colorado State University and graduated in 1989. Afterward, he was hired as an Animal Welfare Officer which highly shaped his profession by giving him exposure and experience.

Dr, Jeff Young married to Wife, Petra Mickova, and Children

Dr. Jeff is married to a fellow Doctor called Dr. Petra Mickova, and they both work in his facility. The couple is blessed with three children. However, not much is known about their children who are now grown up children. Furthermore, he has seven grandchildren.

Image of Dr. Jeff Young wife Dr. Petra Mickova

Dr. Jeff Young wife, Dr. Petra Mickova

How and where the duo met is not known, not to mention that even the date of their wedding is also not known. He has a tight schedule, but he tries his best to offer services to the animals that are brought to his clinic.

Dr. Jeff Young Career

Dr. Jeff founded his animal clinic called Planned Pethood Plus – that charges fairly. It is categorized under neuter/spay clinic. He has extensively dealt with sterilization of animals, and so far he claims to have sterilized a whopping 165,000 animals. Dr. Jeff aims at reducing animal overpopulation which catalyzes their suffering due to neglect. With time, Jeff has been moving from glory to glory and he has enlarged his scope to accommodate diverse categories and species of animals. It incorporates livestock, pets, and exotic animals.

Later in 2000, he founded another institute dubbed Planned Pethood International: which offers full-service training hospitals based in Slovakia and Mexico. So far he has trained over 300 veterinarians from many countries. He gained his fame from the many activities that he engages in. They range from animal welfare projects, not to mention that Dr. Jeff has served inhumane society boards, and addressed students in colleges by making speeches.

Consequently, his efforts have not gone down the drain, because he has won several awards such as El Grito 5K Humanitarian Award and Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center Award of Achievement. Jeff Young is now 62 years old and still strong.

Dr. Jeff Young Net Worth, Salary, Rocky Mountain Vet

Dr. Jeff is a real force to reckon with, and consequently, he was discovered by Double Act – a British media company. They learned about him through a YouTube video. That video was about a lecture that he had given previously and it impressed them. Therefore, they decided to look for him, and the producers asked him whether he would cast a reality show. At first, he was not sure, but when he considered the fact that he would get an opportunity to advocate for spay/neuter, he agreed. From then, he was inducted into Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, and it started airing on July 11, 2015.

Image of Dr.Jeff Young net worth is $200 thousand

Dr. Jeff Young net worth is $200 thousand

Since then, the fame of the show has grown tremendously, and as of 2017, that was the most widely watched show on Animal Planet TV. It had a mammoth viewership of 1.3 million. Its second season – episode 11 that is called Turning Point, has garnered a whopping viewership of 1.5 million. He could be earning a good salary, but his net worth is currently estimated to be $200, thousand.

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