Robert Herjavec Divorced his Wife of 26 Years, and Got Married Same Year with his Girlfriend Kym.

Robert Herjavec married Diana Plese in 1990 and together they have three children, two daughters, and a son. However, Robert and Plese decided to call it quits and walk different paths in July 2014. They did not divorce immediately but waited till 2016, perhaps he did not like the idea of how much he would lose in the divorce.

It’s clear that he was seeing someone else before they signed the divorce papers. He revealed his relationship with Kym Johnson, a former partner in Dancing with the Stars in September 2015. Robert does not waste time, considering that in February 2016, he got engaged to Kym Johnson. A few months later, he married Kym in Los Angeles, California just a couple of months after finalizing his divorce. That was fast, or don’t you think?

Another shocking fact about Robert is that he had a girlfriend Danielle Vasinova when he was still married to Plese and before he married Kym Johnson. This probably means he was cheating on his wife of 25 years with 2 different women. Danielle even went ahead to warn Kym about Herjavec. She does not want Kym to go through what she herself went through because of Herjavec.

Marriage Life, Children

Robert has been married twice, the first time was with Diana Plese and 26 years later, he married his current wife Kym Johnson.  This is Kym’s first marriage and she has no children. He has three children from his first marriage. He has two daughters, Caprice and Skye and one son by the name Brendan.  Robert and Kym are very happy together. They are supporting each other the best way they can.

Caption: Robert Herjavec’s son Brendan

Robert Herjavec Divorce, Ex-Wife

It’s not clear why Robert and Plese decided to divorce, I mean these two married  26 years ago and even had three children. He revealed to TMZ that he thought of suicide when they separated. There are also rumors that Herjavec was cheating on his former wife Plese way before they separated. But as he put it himself, Human relationships are so difficult. People grow tired of each other, they start taking things for granted. Maybe this is what transpired between him and his wife. They simply grew out of love.

Robert Herjavec and Diana Plese divorced

Caption: Robert Herjavec and Diana Plese divorced

He is not gay, maybe it’s just a rumor – here’s a fan discussion

Many people love talking about the sexuality of celebrities and Robert is no exception. People speculate that most celebrities are gay.   So is Robert Herjavec Gay? My answer is a big No. He has not been in a relationship with any man in the past. Not unless he does it in hiding, there is no way of proving that he is really gay.  We only hope that his marriage to Kym lasts and probably get more children, if possible.


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