Pentatonix singer Mitch Grassi’s Weight loss and Career

Mitch Grassi is a popular American singer and vlogger. He gained his fame with the renowned a cappella group Pentatonix. Active since 2011, the group is popular all over the world, their YouTube channel currently having 13 million subscribers. Mitch Grassi also runs a YouTube channel called SUPERFRUIT, along with fellow Pentatonix member, Scott Hoying.

The channel has almost 2.5 million subscribers. The Pentatonix crew made it into the spotlight a few years ago, when they were the winners of the ‘The Sing-Off‘ show. After this, the group moved to LA, pursuing a career as recording artists. As there was no major mainstream a cappella group, Pentatonix had a great success and are still recording amazing pieces today. Apart from his success with the group and his YouTube channel, Grassi inspired a lot of people with his impressive weight loss.

Mitch’s weight loss

Mitch Grassi’s’ Weight loss status update on twitter

Recently, Mitch Grassi has lost a significant amount of weight. Instead of being happy for him for choosing a healthier lifestyle and losing weight, people began questioning the reasons behind this change. There is even a rumor that Mitch’s ex-boyfriend might have persuaded him into losing weight. Yes, you read that right, Mitch is openly gay. His previous relationship with Travis Wright is rumored to be the cause of his weight loss. Some people believe that Travis was abusive. There are rumors about Travis making Mitch feel bad about himself and his weight. However, the singer clearly stated that his ex-boyfriend had nothing to do with this radical change.

Grassi went through a gluten-free diet in order to lose weight. An avid supporter and promoter of self-respect, it makes no sense that he would lose that weight for someone else rather than for himself. When it comes to weight loss advice, Mitch’s tips are a gluten free diet and seeking help from a professional health worker.

Following his weight loss, there is also a rumor that Grassi might’ve had jaw shaving surgery. Although his jaw does look a bit different now, he has not confirmed this rumor.

Bret Baier weight loss before and after

Caption: Mitch Grassi weight loss before and after


The Pentatonix singer was born on July 24, 1992, as Mitchel Coby Michael Grassi. He grew up in Arlington, Texas. He was passionate about music ever since he was a child, and he strives to become a professional DJ. Grassi has participated in several talent shows. He graduated from Martin High School in 2011 but did not attend any college.

Mitch met Kirstin Maldonado and Scott Hoying while they were in high school. They first performed together as ‘The Trio’. Later, they were forming the Pentatonix group. When Hoying found out about ‘The Sing-Off’, he wanted Kirstin and Mitch to join him for auditions. But they also needed a bass and a beatboxer. Hoying met Avriel Kaplan (bass) through a mutual friend.

Their current beatboxer, Kevin Olusola, was popular on YouTube for his beatboxing. He happily agreed to join the group. They went on and won the show’s third season.

In 2013, Mitch and Scott created SUPERFRUIT, their vlog channel. One year after, the channel already had more than one million subscribers. Their fans keep dreaming of a relationship between the two. Although they have jokingly posted photos saying that they’re married and such, the singers clearly state that they’re only best friends.

Superfruit on Instagram

Pentatonix had their first tour in 2012, followed by another national tour in 2013. In 2014, they toured through the US, Europe, South East Asia and Canada. They also appeared in ‘Pitch Perfect 2′, ‘Sesame Street’ and a few others. Mitch and his crew won three Grammy awards with their Daft Punk tribute, ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy‘ and ‘Jolene, the latter featuring Dolly Parton herself. Over the span of 5 years, Pentatonix have sold more than 6 million albums.

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