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David Dobrik is a name you will not miss if you are a frequent web fan. He has made a name and net worth from Vine and YouTube. He took advantage of the internet craze at a very young age turning it into a money making machine. David became very known in 2013 when he did Vine videos that gained him immense popularity.

He is popularly known for his rather funny videos. He started with Vine that would allow you to post 6-second videos. David never does boring videos as he is quite witty when building his content. David hasn’t gone without recognition. He won the Shorty Award for the vlogger of the year in 2017. In the same year, he was nominated for an Audience Choice Creator of the year in the Streamy Awards.

Stick to this article and learn more about who he is, his early life, career, education, net worth, and personal life.

Who is David Dobrik?

David is a famous American YouTuber who has built a mammoth subscription on his YouTube channel and other social media channels. He started with a Vine account, and then created a YouTube channel called, ‘David Dobrik.’ David Dobrik created the YouTube channel in 2014 and has managed to garner 12 million subscribers with millions of daily views. He works with fellow popular vloggers such as Gabbie Hanna, and Liza Koshy.

Being a shrewd a businessman, David could foresee that one day the tables might turn for him. He announced that he would be quitting vlogging after his 420th video. David thought that his ideas and videos would become irrelevant one day and a change would help avoid that. David approached Netflix with an idea of starting a project called ‘David’s Frat House.’ This never came to be as Netflix rejected the proposal. They never thought such a young YouTuber would pull an audience for his series. He is not a quitter as you will see in the following paragraphs.

Wiki, Bio

How old is David Dobrik?  Dobrik was born on July 23rd, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia.  He is now 22 years of age. At the age of 6 years, his family moved to Chicago Illinois. They are said to be Slovakian immigrants. David grew up with his siblings Sara, Ester, and Toby. He was born to parents of mixed race. Dobrik can speak fluent Slovak and Hungarian. He also professes the Christian religion.

Early life, Education

He attended Vernon Hills Excessive College in Chicago. He is, however, a college dropout. In one of his videos, David Dobrik says that he never misses attending college. He has focused his life to making it in the online world. He has also diversified into the TV and filming world. David Dobrik has been featured on shows like, ‘The Honest Show.’ He started in the film industry by being featured in the film, ‘FML’ in 2016.

Image of David Dobrik from movie FML

David Dobrik from movie FML

He was featured as Taylor Mackey, though not a major role in the film. By all means, this young man has a big drive that will take him places. Where does David Dobrik live? David Dobrik bought his home in Los Angeles, California in 2017. Four years after his launch of a Vine channel he was able to accumulate enough money to own a house he can call home



While attending college at Vernon Hills College in Chicago, he began his vlogging career at the age of 16. He started by posting 6-second videos on Vine in April 2013. He had a target market for his videos at that time. David focused his attention on his teenage age group that liked his videos. He made a remarkable following of over 1 million followers. David Dobrik also decided not to put all his eggs in one basket by launching a YouTube channel in December 2014. He named the channel ‘David Drobik’. Later in 2016, David created another channel called ‘David Drobik Too.’ In 2015, Vine was bought by Twitter who changed its way of working. Twitter shut down the uploading bit of the business and only left the options for viewing and downloading.


He posted his debut video called ‘Drove Cross Country for In-N-Out’ in February 2015. His subscription has continued to grow since then. As of April 2019, David boasts of 12 million subscribers. Some of his very popular videos include ‘He Got His Eyeballs Tattooed!’ ‘This Scare Her To Tears,’ ‘He snuck into my house,‘ and ‘Surprising My Girlfriend With A Tesla.’

Besides his YouTube channel, David has a large following from his other social media platforms. He has a following of over 700,000 people on Facebook, 7.5 million followers on Instagram, and 3.15 followers on Twitter.

David has done video collaborations with other popular vloggers he refers to as his Vlog Squad. Youtuber, David Dobrik has also been featured on the YouTube channel ‘Second Class’ with big names as Cameron Kasper, and Jake Webber. David has also acted in some movies such as ‘Airplane mode, ‘and ‘An Interrogation.’ He has also been featured on TV series such as ‘Prank You,’ ‘The Honest Show,’ and ‘Pain of Painting.’

David Dobrik Net worth. How much does David Dobrik make a year?

David has millions of followers both on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. That doesn’t just stop there as much of this converts into money. What is David Dobrik Net worth? It is estimated by authoritative sources that David Dobrik has an accumulated net worth of $4 million.

Image of Vlogger, David Dobrik net worth is $4 million

Vlogger, David Dobrik net worth is $4 million

How does he make his millions? He uses his YouTube videos as his source of income. Google has a payment structure of rewarding content that drives traffic to its site. Google ads do pay YouTube channel owners like David for every click their videos receive.

For example, Google could pay around $10,000 for around 10 million clicks. Imagine then what David gets from his videos which are posted on a regular basis. It means that if he posts five videos per week that can get him 10 million views per video he pockets $50,000 in one week. Keeping the same effort and rate he could make $2.6 million in one year. This is only from Google clicks. He also gets to handle sponsorships for some of his videos.

He also gets to sell some of his content. David Dobrik also does collaborations with such artists as Alex Ernst, Scotty Sire, Toddy Smith, Jason Nash, Gabriella Hanna, and Brandon Calvillo. David owns his own home in Los Angeles and a Tesla car that he can’t stop talking about. At his young age, he achieved a lot, and this is expected to keep growing.

Is David Dobrik Gay? Who is his Partner?

As per the information in the public domain, David is straight and has no gay inclination. He has not come out publicly to declare any other sexual orientation apart from his straight status.

David has many men friends that he spends time with either leisurely or on his videos. This doesn’t make any of them his partner. They are just his good friends.

David Dobrik Girlfriend. Who is David Dobrik dating now?

David Dobrik was last dating his fellow social media personality, Liza Koshy. They had been dating from 2015, but their relationship did not last their expectations. David and Liza later broke up in 2018. They have remained friends and business partners ever since. Going through David’s social profile such as Instagram, you will notice that he still keeps Liza’s photos on his profile.

Some of his fans think that he may be dating his longtime friend Natalie Noel Mariduena. She is actually David’s assistant. Their friendship dates back to high school. Natalie is featured a lot on David’s vlogs, leaving many of his fans guessing about their friendship.

However, David hasn’t said it publicly that he is dating Natalie. They are just friends. In fact, she is currently dating a man called, Shawn Nelson.

David Dobrik Parents: Dad and Mom

David Dobrik’s parents’ names are not known. However, he took a very lovely photo on November 28th, 2015 which he flaunted on his Instagram page. His parents look like they are in the middle ages. It is not very clear what they do as a career, but it looks like they have been a great support to their son who has achieved quite a lot at a young age. In one of the videos, ‘Surprising My Girlfriend With A Tesla,’ says his parents are immigrants who have worked very hard to bring him up and the siblings. He appreciates them.

Personal life: Height and Weight

How tall is David Dobrik? David stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches and weighs on average 75 kgs.

"Image of David Dobrik height"

Internet Sensation, David Dobrik height is 5” 10′

David Dobrik Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name David Dobrik
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) July 23rd, 1996
Birthplace Kosice, Slovakia
Net worth $4 million
Mother Not known
Father Not known
Ethnicity/Race Not known
Career Vlogger, actor and film director
Nationality American
Marital status Single
Ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy
Children None
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 75 kgs

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