Does Connor Franta have a boyfriend? Is he dating Troye Sivan?

YouTuber Connor Franta is gay! But that’s old news, let’s uncover the mystery of his life today. Does he have a boyfriend? What is up between Connor Franta and  Troye Sivan? Get up close and personal with Connor Franta with this exclusive details on his life, family, boyfriends and net worth below.

Bio on Connor Franta and his net worth

Celebrating his birthday on 12th September, Connor Joel Franta is a Youtube personality with more than 5 million subscribers and more than 156 million views on his Youtube channel Connor Franta. Besides being a Youtube sensation, Connor Franta, who is aged 25, is also an entrepreneur, entertainer, and a writer.

Besides parents Peter and Cheryl Franta, Connor’s family consists of two brothers Dustin and Brandon and one sister named Nicola other than his parents.

Connor Franta

Connor is immensely popular for being a former member of the Youtube collaboration channel Our2ndLife with JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley and Trevor Moran before he leaving the group in July 2014. Connor came out as gay, to the world, on 8th December 2014 on a video titled “Coming Out.” Since then everyone has been itching to know who is Connor Franta dating?

Connor Franta approximately has a net worth of $3 million in 2018.

Connor Franta’s boyfriends and girlfriends

Connor Franta has dated girls during high school. But he “felt nothing”, and was depressed as a result of hiding his feelings.

Connor Franta had been rumored to be dating Youtuber, singer Troy Sivan back in 2015. This dating rumor created an internet sensation. Connor’s fans were rooting for Troy and Connor with #Tronner. Affectionate pictures of the duo cropping up on their social media only added fuel to the fire. Despite all the hype things were never confirmed and the duo seems to have moved on too. Troy had other rumors and got fixed up with model Jacob Bixenman.

Connor Franta with Troye Sivan

In 2018, Connor Franta is reported to be living the single life.

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