Hottest Chiquis Rivera’s Romance With her Dating Boyfriend! Is She Married to her Husband? Net Worth & Bikini?

Everybody has the past, which filled in as a defining moment in their life. The provincial Mexican artist Chiquis Rivera additionally had the dull past that incorporated her affirmed dating rumored with her stepfather.

No doubt, every one of those made loads of wreckage in the life of Banda vocalist. Today, we should zoom in the past existence of the Chiquis Rivera with some details about what she is up to right now in time.

Hot & Sexy singer Chiquis Rivera in Bikini body.

Hot & Sexy singer Chiquis Rivera.

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Chiquis Rivera’s New Relationship & Love Life!

After several uneven romantic connections, Rivera is prepared to love once more. Yes, you heard it. She has been romantically involved with songwriter & singer Lorenzo Mendez. The couple turned out openly about their relationship by sharing a snap in their private social media accounts. She composed close by the image how Mendez persuaded her in a section of her reality show “The Riveras.”

 Chiquis Rivera & her Boyfriend.

Romantic Instagram post of Chiquis Rivera & her Boyfriend.

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However, on the other side, her boyfriend wrote, “The Two Crazy people with the same dream” while also added, “in love with life and grateful to God, loving each other with the same passion.” After few months of swirling news of their dating relationship, the two opened about their romance. In the past, her boyfriend shared, that at all, they are still good friends and there was nothing to tell yet if it happens they will say directly to the press. Nevertheless, they remain adamant about their romantic connection at nowadays.

Chiquis Rivera’s Past Relationship!

Well, last but not the least, talking about her previous relationship. She has been in a relationship with Angel Del Villar, who is the owner of Del Recorders.

The two began dating in the years of 2012, but after four years of their relationship, the duo called off their romantic connection without specifying a reason. Well, some wiki media covered as their break up was by their misunderstanding.

Sexually Assault To Chiquis Rivera by her Stepfather!

It’s without a doubt despicable to think about attack, and that sounds even terrible when that particular person is your relative. California local Rivera once experienced sexual manhandle, and that was all a direct result of her stepfather José Trinidad Marín. Her mom Jennie Rivera thought that it is hard to accept after Chiquis’ close relative Rosie Rivera shared about the occurrence.

Sexiest Chiquis Rivera with her mother Jennie Rivera.

Sexiest Chiquis Rivera with her late mother Jennie Rivera.


After all the examination, six out of nine charges had proved, and her stepfather Jose Trinidad Marin sentenced to over 31 years in jail without the chance for further appeal. Banda vocalist Jennie Rivera got into the motivation to detest her daughter after she found a recording where Chiquis left the main room which Jennie used to impart to her then the house. In 2012, Jennie died the bucket in a plane crash in Mexico which left the compromise amongst mother and daughter deficient.

Chiquis Rivera’s Hot Body With Bikini & Plus her Net Worth!

Chiquis has a fresh out of the hottest new figure, and she enlightens all regarding her 30-pound weight reduction in the most recent issue of PEOPLE en Español. She worked with great name nourishment and health expert Alejandro Chabén to accomplish her objective of losing 30 pounds in two months. However, she also has a seductive body with her attractive bikini body shape and size, while now she has body measurements of 36-25-37 inches with 5 feet 5 inches of tall height.

Sexiest Chiquis Rivera bikini image with her hottest figure!

Sexiest Chiquis Rivera bikini image with her hottest body!

Source: instagram

Well, last but not the least, Chiquis has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars in 2017, while her mother Jenni Rivera held over $25 million dollars of net worth.

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