What’s the Net Worth of Blake Shelton? More about his Age Height Married & Wiki!

Blake Shelton, who is currently popular for his appearance in the show THE VOICE, is an American country singer and a musician who owes a big contribution to the music industry. Viewers of THE VOICE might have told you that Shelton is one of the most charismatic and witty characters you could ever hope to meet. But they might not have told you how great of a singer and how generous of a person he is. Besides, who might not have known about his earnings and net worth? After all, he is a celebrity of all times.

Blake Shelton Net Worth in 2017

Everyone knows about Blake’s success as a singer. No wonder he is a $60-million-worth man with a luxurious house and a huge amount of bank balance.

Talking about his house, he’s a millionaire with approximately 2.3 million dollar house. Although the country singer has earned enough money to buy an entire suburb, he currently owns a Hawaiian style lake house in his home state of Oklahoma. The luxurious house features multiple of small guest rooms, a luxurious spa and a three section pool surrounded by palm trees. Having a high-end summer estate look, Blake’s house is located on his 1200 acre ranch. Being located far from frugal, the house looks out onto a serene lake. The house looks perfect for the environment surrounding it.

Blake Shelton House

Blake Shelton constructed Hawaiian style estate in Oklahoma for her wife as a wedding gift.

Source: Daily Mail

Being rich might come to anybody’s fate, but being generously rich might not be the fate of everyone. Besides being a millionaire with a net worth of $60 million, Blake also is a generous human being who has also given back a significant portion of his earnings to the less fortunate throughout his career. He donates funds where required and claims that he prefers to simply send funds where they are needed most and does not intend to only support one cause like most celebrities do. He donated funds for different purposes by playing and hosting fundraising concerts.

Blake Shelton Donating

Blake Shelton Donates Six Hundred Thousand Dollar to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

Source: People

Being born in a poor family, Blake was raised up in a simple middle-class environment. His role model, his uncle was the one who taught him how to play music and encouraged him to make a career through it. He was only 17 when after his high school graduation; he decided to move to Tennessee to continue his music career. This decision of him did not initially made a difference but has made him a successful person of today. Soon, he started making up in his career when he obtained a contract with Sony music in 1997. His life was not going so well ahead until he signed to Giant Records in 2001. And that is his career’s turning point. And it’s safe to say after this he never had to turn back, and his success is what made him a man with such a huge net worth with fancy cars and comfortable house.

His first single debut album AUSTIN released by Giant Records changed his life. The song not only made a hit in America but also appeared on the top list of the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and remained there for five weeks. He was then shifted to Warner Bros. Records soon after the Giant Records shut down. This change did not make a change in his bright fortune. In fact, he started doing, even more songs and releasing, even more, albums further which led him to a great fame of today. His contribution to the music industry has made his life and resulted in achievement of numerous awards. His fame has also helped him land a role as a judge in three popular television singing competitions, Nashville Star, Clash of the Choirs and ever popular The Voice.

Blake Shelton Singing

Blake Shelton performs at the 49th annual CMA Awards.

Source: Austin Music Source

Age: How Old is Blake Shelton? Also Short Wiki-Like Bio

Born on 18th June 1976, in Ada, Oklahoma, US, Blake is only 41 years old now. At a short span of time, the level of success he has gained is truly admirable. He is having a height of 1.96 meters.

Born to a used cars salesman Richard Shelton and a beauty salon owner Dorothy Shelton, Blake was grown up in a very simple way in his hometown Oklahoma. Currently-single, Shelton was previously in a relationship with Gwen Stefani, a co-singer whom he had been dating since 2015. Before that, he was married to Miranda Lambert in the year 2010 who were separated in 2015. Talking about relationships, Blake had also married his long-time girlfriend Kaynette Gern, with whom after spending 3 years of the marriage relationship, had divorced in 2006.

Whatever be his personal life, as a singer, Blake is an active and evergreen talent of America. His fascinating and generous nature has gained him a reputation not only as a respectable singer and judge but also an idol for younger generations to look up to.

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