Multi-millionaire businessman Bill Perkins’ girlfriend and ex-wife get along with each other really well

Bill Perkins (real name William O. Perkins III) is a man with undisguised enthusiasm and considerable net worth who has earned a big name as one of the poker’s rich-list amateurs. His wealth has made him capable of indulging his fantasies like poker and gambling. Read on to know more about his career and personal life.

How much is Bill Perkins worth in 2018?

At age 48, Bill Perkins owns a whopping net worth of over $400 million. Most of his fortune comes from his hedge fund managing business. Besides, the Houston-based businessman has also earned significant amount as a film producer.

Perkins was brought up in Jersey City. He graduated from St. Peter’s Preparatory School in 1986 and later graduated from The University of Iowa as an electrical and electronics engineer. Following his graduation, he worked for oil trader John D, Arnold several years. He finally began his own hedge fund and since then his career has only progressed.

Bill Perkins is staring at someone at casino while playing poker.

Bill Perkins is playing poker

He was a director at the NorthernStar Natural Gas and was the CEO of Cutuco Energy Central America. In September 2008, he earned a profit of $1.25 million trading the stocks of Goldman Sach and the following year, he debuted as a film producer with the movie After Life. Till date, he has produced a couple more movies, including Unthinkable (2010) and Cat Run (2011).

As an avid poker player, Bill has entered multiple events such as PokerStars Big Game, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, to name a few. Reportedly, he had won more than $2.5 million from his live tournaments until 2015.

Who is Bill Perkins’ new girlfriend after divorcing wife Stephanie?

Bill was married to Stephanie Perk in the past and had two daughters with her. Following the divorce with Stephanie, he is currently dating a model and dancer Lara Sebastian.

Bill Perkins is holding the hand of his girlfriend while sitting next to his ex-wife.

Bill Perkins with his girlfriend, ex-wife and friend

He has been dating Lara for more than a year while he has also been maintaining a good relationship with his ex-wife. Apparently, his girlfriend and ex-wife get along really well with each other. Bill’s new girlfriend seems much younger than him.

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