Susur Lee’s sons following his footsteps! Meet the acclaimed chef’s wife

If you’ve been following Susur Lee, you might know that he has three sons with his wife. The two eldest sons, Kai and Levi, are in the family business and have racked up a significant net worth. Here’s what we know about them!

Susur Lee’s sons are involved in the family business

The Chopped Canada star opened a restaurant in Toronto and named it after his wife’s last name. And what better way to run the business than with his sons! His sons, Kai Lee and Levi Lee, jointly look over the affairs at Bent and must be surely making bank for themselves.

The Lee brothers surely live the high life and are not hesitant to flaunt it on Instagram. All three of them are huge fans of the brand Supreme.

Kai Lee has garnered over 108K followers @kai, where he posts travel and food pics. Looks like he’s sponsored by a few high-end brands such as Supreme and Louis Vuitton. He often posts photos of himself with his younger brother and father.

Kai BentLee and Levi BentLee with their father
Susur Lee

Levi Bent-Lee is also an Instagram hottie with 82.8K followers @levibentlee. He has a lot common with his elder brother; his love for Supreme and tattoos. He is presently dating Canadian DJ Mercedes Edison and has a tattoo of her face on his chest. He has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 42K subscribers.

Jet Bent-Lee is the youngest of the Lee brothers. He has 21.2K followers @jetbentlee. He is friends with American YouTuber Ricegum.

Who is Susur Lee’s wife?

Susur Lee is married to Brenda Bent. His wife owns a company called Bend Gable Designs. The couple met at the Peter Pan Bistro in Toronto where Bent worked as a waitress. She had served him, and a few months later Lee joined the restaurant as a chef.

Susur Lee and his wife, Brenda Bent

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