Agnes Hailstone Wikipedia: Her Married Life, Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth, Age

Agnes Hailstone is one of the renowned starts at the ‘Life Below Zero’ that is often featured in the National Geographic Channel. Agnes is married to Chip Hailstone, who is also one of the stars in the program. The couple has a thing for living life in the wild. Just like her husband, Agnes Hailstone appreciates hunting down wild animals and feeding on the bushmeat.

The life of Agnes with her husband has been an interesting one. Not so many women would agree to spend their married life in the wilderness. In an era of civilization and massive technological advances, living even a single day away from the digital world is unimagined.

Agnes Hailstone Married with Chip Hailstone and Children. Divorced First Husband?

The latest information reveals that Agnes is currently married to Chip Hailstone. The two live in the wilderness of Alaska. The marriage has so far been blessed with seven children; five daughters and two sons. The marriage is stable since the public is yet to get any possible rumors of divorce or separation.

Image of Agnes Hailstone with her husband Chip Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone with her husband, Chip Hailstone

Agnes and her husband, Chip, seem to have the same preferences in life. It is no wonder that they enjoy each other’s company. It is important to note that the two sons that Agnes have were gotten from the previous marriage that she was at some point in her life involved in. The two sons are already married and are running their own families independently. Agnes and her present husband live together in Noorvik.

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth and Salary

From the available estimates, Agnes Hailstone has a net worth of about $100,000 and salary is still to be a review. She is never keen on sharing her financial details with the media. All in all, it is so easy to see that Agnes gets most of her money from the role she plays in ‘Life Below Zero.’ However, Agnes’ income is also supplemented by that of the husband.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Agnes Hailstone net worth is $100,000

Life Below Zero cast Agnes Hailstone net worth is $100,000

It is estimated that the couple together has a total net worth of $250,000. Her husband, Chip Hailstone, does a lot of hunting and fishing. This has boosted his income for the last twenty years. In the course of their married life, Agnes’ husband has taught her how to hunt down animals in the wild. Agnes can therefore also hunt animals such as bison, fox, wolverine, fish, walrus, and waterfowl. All these work to boost her income at the end of the day.

How Old Is Agnes Hailstone? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 14th of June 1971, Agnes Hailstone is presently 48 years old. Agnes, therefore, celebrates her birthday on the 14th day of June every year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Agnes was born in Alaska. She is a descendant of the Inupiaq tribe. With a tattoo on her chin, Agnes considers that a great symbol of honor as a member of the Inupiaq tribe. She is a content family woman who enjoys the happiness of her married life. In the town where Agnes lives, the population is barely 1000 people. Despite the harsh living conditions that the wilderness of Alaska offers, Agnes is so used to everything, owing to the fact that she has spent all her life there.

Agnes is an American by nationality. The information regarding Agnes’ family background is very slim. Her siblings can also not be traced. All that can be spoke at the moment is that Agnes’ father was an Alaskan native. Moreover, Agnes has a mother in law called Lois Hailstone.

What Is Agnes Hailstone Doing Now?

Agnes spends most of her days in the wilderness. She is a good hunter who owns a vintage rifle. Agnes also appears on the reality television series, ‘Life Below Zero’ whenever there is a need to shoot an episode. On her free days, Agnes spends time with her daughters and the husband.

Image of Agnes Hailstone with her daughters

Agnes Hailstone with her daughters

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