Susan Aikens Net worth: Find Out More about Life Below Zero Star

Sue Aikens as commonly known, is a Chicago native born in 1963 July 1st. She spent her first 11 years in Chicago before relocating to Alaska with her mother after the divorce of her parents. It was in Alaska where she developed her strong affection towards nature. Sue’s Net worth is generally generated from her appearance on reality television shows as well as her earnings from the Kavik River camp which she owns. Sue made her first appearance in the television life when she was casted for the reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” she then moved to her second show “Flying wild Alaska”. However her third show “Life below Zero” was a great hit and a boost on her net worth as well as increasing her fame levels.


The net worth of Sue Aikens is estimated to be over $500,000. This is accumulated from her appearances on the television show “Life Below Zero” and some other as well as her income from the Kavik River camp, a nice Bird watching, and Hunting site which is located close to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She acquired the land after buying it from the company she used to work for earlier. She then reserved the site for Hunting, bird watching and camping these activities have been her main source of income for the past 13years. It can be said that Sue’s net worth is majorly generated from the Kavik River camp. This can be proved by the following fee breakdown at the camping site;

Sue Aikens With Puppy

Caption: Susan Aikens With Her Puppy In Kavik River Camp

  • Gas (when available): $10 per gallon.
  • Accommodation at the camp:   $350 per day alternatively the reservation can be made per person per week which would then cost $4500.

The camping site has a limited space and also is on a high demand around Alaska thus forcing Sue to make the reservation on a First come first served basis so as to accommodate the visitors.

Other than the Kavik River camp, Sue Aikens earns a salary of $ 200,000 annually and a monthly salary of $ 16000. As a member of the cast in Life below Zero, Sue Aikens earns a weekly salary of $ 4500.  In consideration of all her sources of income, it can be concluded the Chicago young girl now an Alaska resident is destined to increase her net worth through her irresistible continuous hard work nature and charisma.

Sue Aikens Life Below Zero

Caption: Sue Aikens Life Below Zero In National Geographic Channel



  • Imho, she deserves all she is able to earn; she works harder than nearly anyone I know and is as ingenious as my nuclear physicist husband, rare indeed.

  • Magic Mare

    Sue is a very popular personality among most LBZ followers. Then again there is always that handful of detractors (usually men) that gnash their teeth and hurl smug insults at the woman’s ability to shoot, her trembling caution about being bear attacked for a third
    time, and her colorful verbiage. Sue might be making money hand over fist but the fact that she’s pouring blood, sweat, tears, and that income back into Kavik proves her to be the real deal. Her first love is still that tiny dot of warmth in the empty vastness of the brutal north range. To her detractors, DESPITE her age, her patched up body and her ongoing war with well placed fears, her mission never changed. Broke or in the chips she’s still busy living her life on her terms. She isn’t taking the money and running away. She’s not looking to see if the world approves. Like her childhood dream of running a lighthouse, she tends the light at the end of the runway. Before the money, and after it, she’s the real deal.

  • Donna

    Sue is a very strong woman ! What ever money she has earned every penny. I love watching her show. Thanks for sharing your life with us !

  • Outrider

    Sue is my hero,
    She would have made a helluva good Marine. I admire her courage and her peace of being by herself with nature and running her camp. Well Done Sue!
    Continued success and peace of mind I think you will achieve.

  • Walter

    Getting injured surely was a blessing. Doc gave her the ultimatum to quit smoking or else no surgery. Hard as it come in a woman. It would take a very patient man to have a relationship with her if in fact she would want one.